is something up at benjamin pennypacker house?

Well blow me over! At the very end of the West Whiteland Township Meeting this evening there were two little bits of information I found quite interesting. Justin Smiley who is in Planning & Zoning (his title is “Capital & Special Projects”) announced two things.

One was whomever had wanted to build apartments at The Exton Square Mall no longer wants to. That is not to say that couldn’t ever be proposed again, but for now it’s a dead plan.

But the other tidbit really made me listen: apparently the people who bought the Benjamin Pennypacker House contacted Justin Smiley and asked if West Whiteland wanted it back? Mind you I am paraphrasing, we will have to wait for the meeting recording for the exact verbiage.

Now I know the current owners who bought it from Church Farm School don’t live there. So I do not know what they had intended for the home. Was it too much of a money pit? Well, to be fair the years West Whiteland owned it (2006-2022) it was pretty much let go, and then given back to Church Farm School, who then sold it for $400,000 in April 2022…..

Everyone knew it was in beyond rough shape and I think it needed pretty much everything. The current owners have indeed been working on it. The house looks tremendously better.

BUT we have to file this under curious and curiouser.

Below is the post I wrote ironically a year ago this time, give or take a few days.

Never a dull moment in Chester County, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping this poor house continues to survive.

2 thoughts on “is something up at benjamin pennypacker house?

  1. I work down the street and pass this weekly on a lunch run. There is work happening just don’t know what kind

    • Yes, they definitely have been working on it but now I’m wondering if they don’t want to live there and they will sell it again?

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