welcome to radnor township home of historic destruction.

I am completely and utterly UNAPOLOGETIC for my opinion here. This is quite literally historic destruction. Radnor Township and the Radnor Historical Society did not lift a finger to save the Wayne Bed & Breakfast Inn from a developer’s bulldozer.

Complete and total waste. This was a historically important house for the area and RESTORED! It was bulldozed for a pretentious A.F. development that spread like venereal disease from DoDo land because you know you have to cram as many front end loaded McMansions in as possible. People don’t need gardens or room to breathe between houses, right?

This old house could have been incorporated into the development as a couple of condos and the pool a development community pool. And it is like no one in Radnor Township blinked an eye. No commissioner opened their mouth that I could see. Now maybe I am wrong but how hard did they try?

What. A. Waste.

R. I.P. Wayne Bed and Breakfast Inn.

3 thoughts on “welcome to radnor township home of historic destruction.

  1. How did you photograph any of that with all the tears in your eyes? I know I couldn’t. Whole thing is a disgrace!

    • The photos of her standing for the most part today are ones I found on Google. I wanted to get them out there before they disappear. A friend of mine, took the final photo of the empty lot. I just couldn’t go see it. It’s just so criminal, and the gardens were mature and gorgeous. There were some amazing plants in that garden that had been there probably since the house was built.

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