another bite at the apple in west whiteland township?

Look lively if you live in West Whiteland because Planning Commission on Tuesday April, 19th has data center/power plant zoning amendment crapola back for another bite at the proverbial apple 🍎 !

Residents need to turn out and say #NO again.

They already have giant data center planned for East Whiteland Township!


You don’t have to have this zoning in your Township and you really don’t want to allow the possibility for it. Just Google data centers and Louden County, Virginia.

Certain factions and developers out for an extra large pay day want this zoning but it does nothing for residents (kind of like the pipelines, truthfully.) it also sucks off your power grid which will eventually send your electricity prices up.

3 thoughts on “another bite at the apple in west whiteland township?

  1. Thank you so much for covering this important/ urgent topic. A little date correction: the meeting is on Tuesday the 18th.

  2. Thanks for the update! I knew they were going to try this again, because there’s too much money in it for them. The reasoning used last time was absolutely ridiculous, and I have no doubt it will be again this time as well. I’m going to try and show up for the meeting because I’ve actually built a few of these things and there’s absolutely no need for one in this area (not to mention that the surrounding area isn’t particularly well suited; there are at least 20 other sites I’d have chosen instead if I HAD to build one).

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