this is not o.k. in tredyffrin

This is beyond hateful and it’s going on in Tredyffrin and based on the posts I’ve received it must be happening around Chesterbrook.

The Holocaust was no joke. It was genocide. Millions of people. Hitler was a fanatical terrorist who ordered MILLIONS killed. Mostly Jewish people but not all. Tortured, victims of human experimentation and worse. People lost their homes, businesses, personal possessions, friends, family, even their pets. (You can read more HERE.)

I don’t even have enough time in the day or words to express how despicable it is that someone thinks it’s funny to go around spray, painting, swastikas. Anti- semitism is horrible and a crime.

It seems like Tredyffrin has issues. If you see whoever is doing this, or you catch them on the security camera, call 911.

Just when you think you can take a day off and enjoy your Saturday there’s this. And this is a byproduct of the extremism in politics we have been experiencing since 2016.


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  1. There’s an interesting article in this month’s Atlantic regarding how current (well-intentioned) methods of Holocaust education commonly used in the US are actually doing more harm than good and part of this disturbing increase in antisemitism.

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