dear world, not having fun

The view from my window. I love the view but people, this virus completely sucks. I feel like hell.

Another fever overnight. The kind where your joints hurt and your eyelids feel hot.

Oh and the cough. My ribs hurt at this point and for COVID it’s not too bad in the cough department. I also don’t dig the congestion. I am so congested that if I bend over so my head goes lower than my shoulders, it is the worst feeling of just pressure you can imagine.

And I wake up every couple of hours during the night, I know that my COVID is relatively mild since I have all shots available, but wow this is so not fun.

My husband is thankfully fine, but he gets to do lockdown too.

I pretty much figured out where I came in contact with someone with COVID. It was high school reunion that for the non denominational private schools around here this past weekend. My own reunion year a couple of years ago didn’t happen because of COVID, and I knew people who were coming back this year, so I wanted to see people. I mean don’t you just miss seeing people?

So yes I believe I picked up COVID at the Shipley reunion weekend Friday events because I literally have not been in other crowd situations even if not so crowded. And I wasn’t anywhere leading up to this event. Has anyone else ‘fessed up getting COVID last weekend? Or am I the only one who was honest? I get the COVID is everywhere, but given that I have pretty much been an immunocompromised homebody since COVID started, that is the logical point of origin.

Slight pity party of one here. It’s my birthday week and no herb sale Thursday in Historic Yellow Springs Village and no art show plus the things we were invited to this coming weekend.

I think part of the problem with this virus is the stigma one feels when you contract it and have to tell people you were around to get tested and then there are the people who don’t tell you they were exposed or who go out sick. And then there are the people who could get vaccinated and just didn’t. They didn’t want their rights violated during a pandemic, a public health emergency but it was OK if they made others sick. And I am unapologetic about my perspective.

Yes I wear the scarlet C for COVID this week. I know some people think it’s funny, but it’s really not. I don’t wish this on anyone.

I still have almost no speaking voice. That was the first thing that happened incidentally that made me wonder if I had COVID. I never lose my voice. I am still just so tired. Fever at night and I should buy stock in paper companies that make tissues and more.

And I keep reminding myself I have a relatively mild case of COVID compared to others I know. I am also glad my mother is visiting my sister on Mother’s Day because I would not be able to see her.

I may never know who actually gave me COVID, but whomever they are I wish they had stayed the hell home last week.

Well I am making tea with fresh mint and ginger and then I’m going back to sleep.

Be well and enjoy the beautiful day.

10 thoughts on “dear world, not having fun

  1. So sorry for you Carla. It sucks that someone contagious won’t fess up because they know you would like to give them a black eye. I hope they read your Ramblings and feel guilty. We got it from a server at the Chinese restaurant in Exton…could tell she was sick and grumpy. I was unable to take the medication because of my other meds but survived. You will too, so drink that tea and sleep as much as possible, tune into some cartoons or Netflix to make you smile. Hugs.

    • Or they were asymptomatic and had no idea they had it.

  2. Covid is a stinker! Just drink that tea and watch mindless TV or movies. Hoping you feel better quickly!!!!

  3. No matter what the color is, your name will always start with the letter “C”
    No matter how mild or severe your Covid is, you will feel like merde de chien

    ..oh.. GINGER TEA! (note to me: Well, DUH!)

    I searched for other congestion remedies and found this:
    *Lemon and honey- Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of honey and a glass of hot water and drink this as a tea. This will help in reducing coughs and loosening the thickness of the mucus. Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C and are essential in getting rid of mucus-forming bacteria.

    and this surprise:
    Eat spicy foods- Foods infused with cayenne pepper or chili pepper can clear blocked sinus and bronchial tubes.

    Perhaps this is not relative, but I remember being given an “incentive Spirometer” after an operation.
    You wouldn’t happen to have one hidden behind the towels or sheets in the linen closet?

    One more thing: Watch a funny movie…something that will cause you to laugh. : )

    and hope you do feel better soon.

  4. I am so sorry for you! Absolutely no fun, and people don’t realize they have it or think it’s something else, and socialize anyway. We are need to see each other again, but cafefully.
    Feel better soon; love your posts!
    An AIS Girl

    • Thank you for your kind note! One of my bestest besties in the whole world is an AIS girl ❤️

  5. Thank you for admitting you have covid…you’re the first I’ve heard getting in many months. I think the stigma is causing people to just not admit they have it, which benefits no one.

    Interesting that I also got Covid last October at my high school reunion, along with six others that we know of, but it was kept relatively quiet, which I find weird. I let the other organizers know as soon as I found out, but heard nothing back until months later by chance. Also of interest was that it confirmed that the very weird cold I had in December 2019 was covid since it had the exact same weird symptoms.

    I highly recommend smearing yourself with Vick’s vapor rub and gargling with peroxide. My throat was so sore I could barely swallow…chloraseptic spray or lozenges help…oh, and Nyqiil just to pass out!

    • Thank you for saying this. I took some grief for admitting I got Covid at a high school reunion. It was no dig at my school. I loved seeing everyone, but somebody there was either sick or didn’t know they were carrying the virus.

      My throat has not been terribly sore thank goodness. Vicks for congestion is a great idea and thanks

    • You’re right about Vicks, Cloraseptic and NyQuil! I used all of them too!

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