when the COVID bug bites

Well, it finally got me. I have been careful since Covid appeared on our scene and this weekend I was exposed to someone with it. I have no idea if it was someone who was unvaccinated and carrying it or just dumb luck.

I have had to tell everybody I know that I was around.

I did four things this weekend, and literally I have not done that since 2019. I have been absurdly careful, almost paranoid at times.

I woke up early this morning finding it hard to breathe like I had a cold. My voice is pretty much gone and when I have it, it sounds like Kermit the frog lives in my body.

Now I am achy. And my eyelids feel kid sick hot. Everything in my life now grinds to a halt. No herb sale at Yellow Springs on Thursday or Art Show. Also no gathering Friday or Saturday and I actually had plans. And Mother’s Day is Sunday, but my sister has mommy custody. Thank goodness.

I do have my sense of taste, however.

I made it this long so that’s a pretty good lucky streak. Look for those of you out there who think this virus doesn’t exist or it won’t strike you, it got me and again I have been extra careful for three years because I am a cancer survivor and patient.

I feel like crap but mostly I feel kids sick. I don’t know how else to explain it other than it’s reminiscent of how you felt when you got sick and your mom took care of you when you were little.

I have had to tell so many people because I saw so many people over the past few days. And right or wrong I feel like some people are mad at me for telling them. Like I did it on purpose.

God damn it. Sign me pissed.

6 thoughts on “when the COVID bug bites

  1. It got me too for the first time two months ago! I was so proud that I had evaded it and then 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. Feel better!!

  2. I got it last year. A quick. 2-day version. Had to stay home for the full 5 days. Lost 5 days of work. Best friend, Sue, managed to get a 3 star version. Sue loves to cook and creates exceptional meals. 3rd time, she was very frustrated that she didn’t smell or taste anything for 2 months.
    .–All meaningless statements and certainly nothing that may console you…

    When I was in college, I talked with a student from Spain. He was terribly upset that Americans seemed to reduce the true translations of a word. He mentioned a bunch of words and I felt ashamed that I was probably doing the same form of short-cut – but just in English  (well, American) “I’m so sorry…” He interrupted me “Lo siento.” I gave him a questioning look. American version of Lo siento is “I’m sorry” The full meaning in Spanish is “I feel for you.”

    • Yesterday my taste wasn’t affected today. I still have taste but things like coffee don’t taste good, so I’m back to tea. I feel like hell

      • I would miss coffee too. There are foods that you can try.. …like mini taste tests. Toast a thin sliced bread and spread a thin layer of natural grape jelly on it. It may bring moisture to your tongue. Ah.Even better. I’ve read your exceptional soups etc. (let’s add this instead of that…) You won’t last standing in the kitchen, but…can you give your favorite chicken soup recipe to your honey? Chicken soup will NOT cure covid but the warmth and cozy mix of flavors (you may not taste at the moment) is welcomed by every part of you.

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