things that make me not respect people in my own community

Anonymous I am not, no matter what people I choose not to know and interact with say.

And within my own community if I think something is wrong. I stand up and I say so. Anonymous letters using probably someone’s voters list bother me. I received one such piece of mail a little while ago

I do not respect this. If you don’t like something in your community, don’t use a voter rolls list, stand up as a taxpayer and resident and say you don’t like something will we join you or will we talk about it, etc.

Anonymous lost me here. Not because of what bothers them necessarily, but because we as residents don’t know who is behind this mass mailing. How are we supposed to know if these people have our best interests at heart or their own personal agenda?

Well if they want me to listen (and perhaps that doesn’t matter to them) I would like to know which political party donated a mailing list and why we should listen?

Tell your neighbors if you are one of us and why. Plenty of the rest of us, myself included, stand up and are heard. Either do that or sit down.

This could very well be some out of the area slum lord. Or it could be a developer who might not be able to shove as many lemming apartments in.

And as much as I am not particularly in favor of Route 30 being widened, in places it is actually possibly necessary. But there have been meetings about this for years, it’s not a new topic.

This is as distasteful to me as the anonymous calls I received a few years ago telling me it was my job to get up and say the now former township manager wasn’t good, even if that hadn’t been my personal experience, you expected me to go to a township meeting while you hid in the shadows. I wouldn’t carry that water then, and won’t urge anyone to do so now if we don’t know who we are dealing with and why.

So whomever you are if you want community consideration, let us know you are actually one of us invested in our community. Until then, piss off with this throwback East Whiteland political skullduggery.