door to door realtor sales on a sunday evening?

This woman rings my bell at 5:30 PM – new Realtor in the area. (Supposedly.) No visible soliciting permit. And again, 5:30 PM on a SUNDAY. Let’s start with she’s a stranger soliciting on a Sunday and I think that is rude.

She thought she would just introduce herself. I said “What in case I just wanted to sell my home on a whim and knew no other Realtors?”

I asked her if she looked for a no soliciting sign. (Somewhat blank stare which is surprising because it’s fairly large and metal.)

I did report to local police department because I feel quite strongly about door to door soliciting. And no visible permit.

I actually know a lot of Realtors, none I know are door to door solicitors. They also are more put together with regard to the first impression of it all.

And no, I most definitely was NOT Sister Mary Sunshine.

I will note that this woman was also with another person who was male, and I really didn’t know their age they appear to be someone with Down’s syndrome. Darkish hair as well, and sort of like a scruffy mustache beard thing.

I don’t like door-to-door solicitation, and when it’s more than one person and you’re one person answering the door, I don’t like the way that feels.

This person never identified which firm they were with or realty group within a firm, etc. and even though they said they were there soliciting for a real estate, they didn’t actually offer me a card. Which is probably just as well because I would’ve blasted it all over the Internet by now.

This person actually never said even their first name. So were they there to solicit for a real estate company with themselves as a realtor or they just casing my neighborhood?

So real estate companies, if this realtor belongs to you think twice before sending someone out door to door without a solicitation permit, visible, etc. Think twice about sending someone out around dinner time on a Sunday evening.

And above all else, if someone has a no soliciting sign posted clearly please pay attention to it.

1 thought on “door to door realtor sales on a sunday evening?

  1. If you were to solicit answers from your readers…

    “What would YOU do if an unknown person comes to your front door ..claiming to be a realtor?”

    Welcome her into your home

    Ask for her card before welcoming her into your home

    Ask what reality she is with before inviting her in.

    you open the door but not the screen door

    Ask her to take a few steps back and read the sign that says NO SOLICITING

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