what’s up with the christmas in july of tax notices on properties in chester county?

Ok a giant apartment complex owned by giant out of state property group. So are we to believe that Chester County Tax Claim Bureau is going to sell their multi million dollar complex for $10K?

Or this notice in a multi million dollar neighborhood in a kind of wealthy municipality for under $600? The Chester County Tax Bureau is going to sell a house worth a couple of million for under $600 in taxes supposedly owed for 2022?

And my personal favorite is the red notice on what appears to be a predatory real estate group or investor getting a tax sale notice on a property that no one has really ever explained how they got the deed on in the first place ? A house where a mom with at least one special needs child lives?

I don’t pretend to understand all of this but one thing I have heard consistently throughout the years is how messy things are in Chester County. People getting erroneous tax notices? Tax payments not being applied properly?

So what’s going on? Social media is full of these notices over the past few days so is there some aggressive new program? You would think the media would be interested in this?

It seems that Chester County has also switched to Bid4Assets like Philadelphia?

Now Bid4Assets has loads of complaints posted by the Better Business Bureau.

Bid4Assets is kind of a scandal thing in Philadelphia County yet Chester County uses them?

I don’t know if this is part of the problem but people say trying to deal with Chester County is very difficult? (This was interesting to read: https://casetext.com/case/sampson-v-tax-claim-bureau-of-chester-cnty-cjd-grp-llchttps://casetext.com/case/sampson-v-tax-claim-bureau-of-chester-cnty-cjd-grp-llc )

Also found this interesting to read: https://paablog.com/kennett-consolidated-school-dist-v-chester-county-bd-of-assessment-appeals/

And check out these articles about Philadelphia sheriff sales and Bid4Assets:

4 thoughts on “what’s up with the christmas in july of tax notices on properties in chester county?

  1. When we moved to a property in caln I was served one day with a paper that had the previous owners name on it and they only owed 400 bucks. They were going to take the property worth over 400k over four hundred dollars. All bc the tax office didn’t cash the check they had already received. They at least had the excuse this happed during Covid.
    Worst experience of my life, I think even the poor cop felt bad, he had to talk me down from a near panic attack.

    • It’s crazy and I don’t understand why people don’t talk about it and don’t want to do anything about it. I know people that have had to go in multiple times with their canceled checks to prove they did pay their taxes and a lot of these cases they were applying different people’s tax payments to the wrong account. In other words other properties.

  2. ok…let’s talk more about confusing state & county tax laws and to whom we owe this most frustrating situation.

    ATTENTION: In preparation for the 9/11/23 Upset Sale the e-check payment option will be disabled on Friday, June 30th at 4:30 PM. Credit card payment options will be disabled on Friday, September 8th at 4:30 PM. Both payment options will be restored on Tuesday, September 12th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    We invite you to browse the most recent information concerning our delinquent real estate taxes.

    The Chester County Tax Claim Bureau is responsible for the collection of all delinquent real estate taxes on behalf of the County, 73 Municipalities and 14 School Districts within Chester County. The Bureau operates under the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law Act 542 Of 1947.

    The Tax Claim Bureau provides statutorily mandated notices to owners and administers Upset Tax Sales, Judicial Sales, Repository of Unsold Properties and maintains Bankruptcy status. The Bureau also provides Tax Certifications regarding paid and unpaid taxes upon request.

    All real estate taxes are considered delinquent if not paid by December 31st of the current year. Any unpaid taxes are returned to the Tax Claim Bureau during the month of January. Interest accrues at the rate of 3/4 of 1% per month or 9% per annum. The Tax Claim Bureau conducts several sales each year. The Upset Tax Sale is held in September, the Continued Upset Sale is held in December and more than one Judicial Sale may be held during the year.

    The County Of Chester Tax Claim Bureau makes no representations or warranties on any properties sold during tax sales. The Bureau also does not give legal advice concerning tax issues.

    Online Payments
    Tax Claim FAQ
    Tax Certification
    Chester County Repository List
    Chester County Department Of Assessment

    (I’m commenting cuz I’d rather sit with my laptop in front of the fan that covers me with not cool and humid air than sweat outside.)

    • This is insane my friend originally received notice he owes 25,000 then on Friday he was told that was an error it was 17,000 then the Pennsylvania homeowners association was in communication with legal aide and the tax claim bureau after business hours and agrees to pay the rest if he would pay the 3000 due he went to bank today called tax claim bureau to let him know he was on the way to pay before the sale and when he arrive they sold property anyway …they continued to take payments from people behind them..this is an outrage clearly the people I’m charge don’t have the best interest of the people here in chester county they would have received the rest of the money the same day but his certified check was refused

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