what’s up with the christmas in july of tax notices on properties in chester county?

Ok a giant apartment complex owned by giant out of state property group. So are we to believe that Chester County Tax Claim Bureau is going to sell their multi million dollar complex for $10K?

Or this notice in a multi million dollar neighborhood in a kind of wealthy municipality for under $600? The Chester County Tax Bureau is going to sell a house worth a couple of million for under $600 in taxes supposedly owed for 2022?

And my personal favorite is the red notice on what appears to be a predatory real estate group or investor getting a tax sale notice on a property that no one has really ever explained how they got the deed on in the first place ? A house where a mom with at least one special needs child lives?

I don’t pretend to understand all of this but one thing I have heard consistently throughout the years is how messy things are in Chester County. People getting erroneous tax notices? Tax payments not being applied properly?

So what’s going on? Social media is full of these notices over the past few days so is there some aggressive new program? You would think the media would be interested in this?

It seems that Chester County has also switched to Bid4Assets like Philadelphia?

Now Bid4Assets has loads of complaints posted by the Better Business Bureau.

Bid4Assets is kind of a scandal thing in Philadelphia County yet Chester County uses them?

I don’t know if this is part of the problem but people say trying to deal with Chester County is very difficult? (This was interesting to read: https://casetext.com/case/sampson-v-tax-claim-bureau-of-chester-cnty-cjd-grp-llchttps://casetext.com/case/sampson-v-tax-claim-bureau-of-chester-cnty-cjd-grp-llc )

Also found this interesting to read: https://paablog.com/kennett-consolidated-school-dist-v-chester-county-bd-of-assessment-appeals/

And check out these articles about Philadelphia sheriff sales and Bid4Assets: