antique jewelry dealer robbed at antiques at kimberton show recently held at morgantown holiday inn?

I used to love going to the Kimberton Antiques Show… when it was in Kimberton on the fire house property. Then, for some reason, I guess the show organizers couldn’t have the show in Kimberton anymore so it’s been moved to Oaks and Morgantown.

The Antiques show lost me as an attendee when it went to these locations. I thought both locations were a mistake and I’ve been to trade shows for gifts and stuff in Oaks and I didn’t like them. And well, Morgantown, next to the cheap casino? That’s a skip for me.

Where it had been in Morgantown this past weekend is it the Holiday Inn, next to the Hollywood Casino.

And apparently, one of the antique jewelry dealers I follow on Instagram @trinketsandtreas was robbed this past weekend? And I saw it on the dealer’s Instagram , not any place else? that in and of itself I find disturbing.

Of course, one of the first thing I thought of are the anti-casino groups who always say there is more crime near where these casinos are located.

Antiques and vintage dealers work really hard for their money, and doing these shows is extraordinarily hard. And I’ve always wondered if security was sufficient at these expo centers, and these convention rooms for chain hotels, including parking lots…. and then you put it next to a low brow casino, which often attracts segments of society who aren’t necessarily “family friendly”?

Morgantown is in Caernarvon Township, so below is their local police department information ⬇️

I have contacted the Antiques dealer to see if they will tell me what happened, And they did – they were robbed as they were loading things into their car.

I am putting this out there because if you see any of this jewelry show up online in places like EBay or Etsy or Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace, please call authorities and let the dealer know so they can contact authorities. This is their livelihood and it’s the holidays and this is the ultimate Grinch move. See last screenshot below ⬇️ for dealer contact.

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