no apples growing there, that’s for sure

OMG so sick of Toll! They are creating Barbie’s Plastic Dream Villages all over Chester County! And you can’t get traffic lights or directional arrows on existing lights where you need them, but Bryn Mawr Rehab gets a traffic light???

Yes indeed, much to the dismay of many, Toll Brothers got conditional approval from those ratable loving supervisors in Willistown to build more Applebrook Meadows (where are the apple trees incidentally?)

Yes, yes indeed…because you know Chester County won’t survive if Toll doesn’t add 53 more plastic homes. And as noted before, this is nothing compared to all the other Barbie’s Dream Villages they are planning for other parts of Chester County….

Once open space and farmland is gone, it’s gone.  And I still do not understand how it is the economy supports ALL this development?  After all it is not like there is not an ample housing supply is there?

Applebrook Meadows Phase II Gets Conditional Approval

The second stage of the Toll Brothers project will add 53 new homes in Willistown Township.

By Pete Kennedy Malvern Patch

The Willistown Township Board of Supervisors gave conditional land use approval to Toll Brothers to build 53 new homes in the second phase of the Applebrook Meadows development….Applebrook Meadows, located near Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital off Line Road, will eventually include 138 units in three phases. In 2011, the township approved the first phase of the development, which included 54 homes….Shoemaker, responding to a question from a resident, explained that there will be a new traffic light on Paoli Pike at the driveway to Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, which will be installed by PennDOT. Shoemaker also serves on the township Planning Commission


(Please note my photo is of plastic houses farther out in Chester County, not Applebrook.  I was merely trying to make a visual point of the McPlasticness of it all)


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