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This summer I have written a couple of posts about a farm being turned into a development. My first post lamenting the loss of another beautiful Chester County Farm has resulted in some of the family who grew up there sharing memories about the farm.

This morning I learned the name of the farm on White Horse Road. It was Spring Oak Farm.

Here is a snippet more of what was shared to me about the farm today in addition to learning the farm’s name:

I was 8 when we moved to the farm and I always felt grateful to be on the farm and to be in nature as I grew up…..The fences were painted bright white every year….The quarry dust made breathing difficult at times when we lived there…and there was the background noise of the turnpike like a din in waves depending on which way the wind was blowing. As my daughter wrote to you earlier – it was a magical place…..It was also a place of love and hard times and challenges ….How I found you last Sunday – well I was feeling homesick last Sunday and went up to the attic and was rummaging through some things from the farm and came upon a sterling silver box that had G.Q Radnor Hunt Races 1939 engraved on the top of it and on the bottom it had sterling silver marks and the imprint from England. So I began googling my uncle’s name and then my Dad’s name and it was with my Dad’s name that I found your blog…..The dog that the woman wrote about in your blog that used to ride around with my Dad all the time was named Rip. Rip was amazing after my father died in consoling the family…a very smart, happy and tuned in dog who carried a lot of love.

Having memories like this shared with me about something I have written about is simply amazing. And very moving.

I hope by writing these things that in a sense I am assisting in preserving bits and pieces of the very cool history of the county I now call home, Chester County.

Many thanks to the Quigley family for continuing to share their memories.

My final note is this is one of the cool things about writing. For all the cranks who come your way who are miserable because they don’t like something you have written about, you also get these amazing people who are so kind and so gracious and who share additional things about what I have written about. People like the Quigleys make this so worth doing.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Aww this is so nice…important memories. Yes, this makes all the hard work of blog writing worth it! Mr. Quigley was one of hubby’s favorite customers. He would road test the International Scout and Rip would sit sideways across the back of the seat right behind his head!

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