flea market fun!


Today is not only a beautiful day outside, but it was the inaugural Sunday for Flea It Up Flea Market in West Chester!

I had a blast! Flea It Up is located back off Matlack Street in West Chester in an industrial area. The address is 21 Hagerty Blvd, West Chester, PA 19382. This outdoor flea market is being run through Christmas on Sundays between 9 a.m. and 1pm. It is being brought to you by For Sale Free or Trade Chester County and Tee It Up Golf.

This flea market has a nice mix of crafts people, small businesses, regular people setting up a flea market table, and vintage dealers who work the flea market circuit buying and selling. I was thrilled to find Dahlia Designs (handcrafted jewelry) and Chester County Antiques (Chestercountyantiques.net) there.


It was a steady flow of people when I arrived around 11:30 a.m. The dealers were all fairly affable which was nice. The pricing was true flea market pricing and people were willing to dicker on price. I was especially glad to see the vintage and antique dealers doing open air/flea market pricing because last year I was finding sticker shock with a lot of the Clover Market dealers in Ardmore.

As always, cash is king at flea markets. It keeps the prices down. I found a couple of treasures including a terrific book on quilts and the history of American quilting!

Flea It Up is going to be a lot of fun for fall, and I would say if you are a dealer or crafts person in Chester County or even someone who wants to do a garage or collectibles sale, Flea it Up is for you ! In addition there was mini golf and that West Chester historic train stops at this location and there are train rides!

Mark your calendars and check out Flea It Up! Lots of parking too!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the day!


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  1. Hello, there……….Sorry I must have just missed you. I left there around 11:00….bought two item at the first booth on the right. Jeanne and I might be interested in taking a shot at it.

    Be well and smile,

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