a little visit to kimberton whole foods malvern


Yes….I had been avoiding it. I love the original Kimberton Whole Foods and I knew I would get myself into trouble once I walked through the doors!


Yes….in no time at all my cart was filled with things I could not possibly live without today.

The new Malvern store took a long time getting here and it is a jewel of a store. It is on the small side, but given how overwhelming I find Wegmans, I am good with the size. The staff of the store is incredibly nice and helpful. The only thing I couldn’t find that I wanted today was Bulgur Wheat for Tabouli.


I spent a ridiculous amount of time going through the store but it is just so clean and lovely. Every shelf is gleaming, and the produce is spectacularly beautiful. The prices are not for the faint of heart, so it is easy to rack up a high dollar check out without much effort —-but you know what you are paying for here. I am really glad they are open and look forward to warmer weather and local produce.

If you haven’t been to the Malvern store, go check it out. It is on the end of the Eastside Flats development on King St. in Malvern in a stand alone building. There is ample parking too.

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2 thoughts on “a little visit to kimberton whole foods malvern

  1. I’ve been there and was over joyed…..what an improvement to Malvern and the community. They will do well particularly with the new apts. It’s an education in good nutrition which leads to good health. Happy New Year!

  2. Agree! Love it! The grade B maple syrup alone is worth the trip and very reasonably priced. And frozen wymans Maine Blueberries….these are hard to find. So many other gems….gluten free frozen ravioli, same price as Wegmans!! Love the small town charm of it and the staff is super!

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