don’t we have enough billboards in chester county already?

I am not a billboard fan.  Never have been. I am not a West Whiteland resident, but I am a Chester County resident.  There is a video which residents in West Whiteland who got the letter were also invited to watch.

Here is the link:

Here is property listing on LoopNet and it shows that it is off the market.

My opinion is Route 100 is such a zoo already, and this would bring the potential for additional light pollution, wouldn’t it?  And would it be a hazardous distraction on accident prone Route 100?  The video shows their farm market concept, which  by itself without the billboard I have no problem with, except to wonder about the traffic there and is there truly enough space?

The property is next to that place that looks like it is a motel, but I guess are apartments?  And what about the creek that runs right there?  And if you take out all of those trees, how will that potentially affect the residents back up behind there even if there was no billboard?

Yes, it’s an ugly site, but is this the best solution? And is the entire parcel all in West Whiteland or is part in Uwchlan maybe?

I hear neighbors are up in arms already at the proposal, and can you blame them?

I only ask reasonable questions as an observer and resident of Chester County. It will be interesting to see how his proceeds, won’t it?

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3 thoughts on “don’t we have enough billboards in chester county already?

  1. I’ve lived in Eagle PA since 1973 and recall this building (Felix’s FArm Market) in its finer and much appreciated life. In those days one could leave Eagle and travel south to Exton Crossroads and maybe only encounter one traffic light, not 17 or 18 as we have today (and the experts wonder what creates road rage). Felix’s Farm Market gave you a coffee and two donuts, so fresh and hot you often had to let them cool before eating!

    Anyway, I see the proposed usage as a farm market a good thing. It seems as though the only aversion put forward is the sign, which is most importantly not a billboard in the classic sense as pictured. It is an electronic sign which will be part of the actual building side walls. Billboard signs, like that pictured are an eyesore. The electronic sign can be turned off, then we see just another building along Rt. 100 as opposed to the eyesore we presently see. The sign can have multiple purposes such as simple advertising for the proposed farm market, “amber alerts”, missing people alerts, township activity alerts, road condition alerts, etc. The sign to some extent can be “regulated” (I say that loosely) by the township much like the electronic billboard sign placed along the Rt. 30 bypass a few years ago. Neighbors objected and the sign usage was modified to help the situation, although admittedly it didn’t perhaps render a fully acceptable solution. In the case of the Rt. 30 electronic billboard sign, one thing that should have been done is the township at the approval process should have done a physical walk down of the proposed site and discussed the ramifications of their decision on the nearby homeowners. All too often this is not done, instead it is easy to look at a 1/2 acre parking lot design on a 10 inch tablet screen. I know of bank parking lots where large pickup trucks can barely maneuver! If you simply look at drawings and computer screens it is almost guaranteed something will go wrong, but it won’t be discovered until the lot exists.

    I say let the new Farmer Market proceed. It will be much better than the annual Halloween shop and Christmas tree retailer.

    • Your points make a lot of sense. I just hate electronic billboards and most billboards of any kind. I have no objection to the farm market.

    • Let’s be realistic. Catalyst Putdoors is in the electronic billboard sign business not the farmers market business. Thaddeus’ business model for the supposed market will not succeed. And as for the billboard itself? It will in fact be an eyesore like the one pictured. A 12’ by 40’ tv screen in both directions in 100 with rotating advertisements. That IS what this is. The only time it won’t be all lit up with advertising, is late at night between midnight and 6 am when traffic doesn’t warrant keeping it lighted. The farm stand and the

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