s.whitford and clover mill road, exton (again)

I was going by today and decided to take another photo of this old gem. An old gem that just rots day after day.

This house is on S.Whitford and Clover Mill Roads in Exton. The Joseph Price House in West Whiteland Township.

Here is a wonderful little slide show presentation on prezi.

Someone told me that someone might still live there, not sure how that is possible but who knows? I am guessing part of the house still has an apartment someone lives in. I don’t know if it’s a caretaker or whomever owns it.

I was also told in the 1990s it was separate apartments inside and there were also cottages around it which were rented out as well.

In the 1950s and 60s there was a large barn there that was a sale barn for cattle run by Bayard Taylor a blog reader told me recently. He knew because his mother did bookkeeping for that business while she was in college.

Every time I post about this house I get all sorts of comments. I am not the only one that notices this old house.

The house was built in 1878. It was altered in 1894 by its namesake inhabitants. Dr. Price. According to the West Whiteland Historical Society he altered it from a Gothic to a Queen Anne style.

This is just one of those houses that captures the imagination of almost everyone who drives by it. Maybe someday a preservation buyer will drive by it and it will be saved. Until then I just sort of falls apart.

3 thoughts on “s.whitford and clover mill road, exton (again)

  1. I was curious about this house. I’ve pulled in the driveway with the intent of taking some pictures, but felt like the chance of somebody living there was too high to risk taking photos. There’s a bunch of cars parked on the driveway and the grass is mowed, but I’m pretty sure whoever owns it is just storing stuff here.

    • I have been told somebody actually lives there. So I wouldn’t go trespassing on the property. If you want to take photos it has to be taken from the public view shed. Which means you could take photos from across the road or not on their property. Or take them like I did from the road while a passenger in a car

  2. Someone is still living in the home. I see lights turn on and off at times when I’m driving past on Whitford Road. The home is amazing and on the National Register. My hope is that someone will try to preserve it; perhaps tie it to the P&T Branch rails to trail that will hopefully start development in the next few years close by.

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