things that make you wonder in chester county…

Things that make you wonder include this.

Why would Janssen Biotech, Inc NOT do their legal advertising for this in a Chester County PA paper? If their office is in Malvern, unless they’ve moved Malvern it’s still in Chester County isn’t it?

Does that seem odd to anyone? I have to ask a question and the question is this is: is it good legal advertising if you don’t advertise in the paper that is the daily paper to the area where this would occur? Or would this just still be considered satisfactory legal advertising, albeit slightly sleazy?

And how will potential discharge affect this creek? The Valley Creek? Wonder what Trout Unlimited thinks?

Doesn’t the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection think that poor East Whiteland has enough going on?

I guess people that live in Chester County are going to have to start looking in Delaware County newspapers too? I just don’t understand why this wasn’t put in The Daily Local News? That is Chester County’s daily newspaper, right?

Here is the raw link to the notice:


3 thoughts on “things that make you wonder in chester county…

  1. Good find! This definitely should have been posted in the Daily Local News. Makes absolutely no sense to post it in a Delaware County paper. This is way beyond sleazy. They’re obviously trying to pull a fast one on all of us.

  2. —- and the creek is an “Exceptional Quality” watershed?! Am I to guess that the material this company wants to discharge into the creek/stream will only enhance the quality of the watershed? No, I don’t live in Chester Co., but all your questions have merit and should be answered. None of us, in any place want more waste placed in our creeks/ streams, lakes, rivers, etc. Is this a result of our U.S. President’s removing some of the EPA guidelines for waste deposits in waterways??

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen….you have 30 days to comment to PADEP regarding this legal notification. Don’t just post…comment back! If you’re really curious, you can go to PADEP and examine their permit application. They’re operating under no exposure…which means they don’t have industrial activity that is exposed to rain fall. You are absolutely correct about the weirdness of the legal notice being in the Delaware County Daily Times. The regulations say that it has to be published in a paper of “local circulation”. This is not the result of the new administration….and it may not be intentional. They may just have a new crop of interns doing the permitting grunt work.

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