oh amazon, are you missing a bunch of deliveries??

9/24/18 UPDATE: Friday night came and went and although I called Amazon Logistics , the retrieval driver never showed up for all the packages. So on Saturday my husband and I decided to get all the packages we could possibly get to their intended owners and correct addresses. People came to pick them up, a few we dropped off.

In between all of this I made more phone calls to Amazon Logistics. They requested of this Amazon delivery hub in King of Prussia three times to come pick up these packages over the weekend and no one ever showed up. And I will note someone asked me why I just didn’t give these to a UPS driver or a USPS person, and the reason is simple: these packages that are going specifically via Amazon’s own drivers are not allowed to be given to the post office or another carrier.

By the end of the weekend all but two packages found their way home. Then today I found out something I had ordered for our son for his birthday at college was just never delivered byโ€ฆ Wait for itโ€ฆ A dedicated Amazon Logistics driver in another state! So while I had them on the phone about that package and getting it re-delivered we also went over my weekend experience as an Amazon delivery hub. This logistics person who was in Ohio also has now put in a request for Amazon to send a retrieval driver to pick up the remaining two packages from me.

I have to also note that ironically a lot of people gave me a hard time for doing this, like why was I bothering? I was bothering because it’s a good thing to pay it forward, and as someone who has had Amazon packages go missing, I also know how frustrating that is.

The nicest part of this whole experience has been meeting more neighbors. We’re a little spread out here, so unless you have kids in school with their kids or go to their church you don’t necessarily meet a lot of your neighbors.


I came home this afternoon to this giant gray bag is sitting in the middle of my street. We parked the car and walked over and this is what it is โ€“ a giant heavy bag of other people’s Amazon packages!

I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with Amazon Logistics and they are sending someone to pick it up. However, I don’t understand how someone could drive away leaving an entire bag sitting in the middle of the street?

I guess I understand now how Amazon packages go missing. I have heard of people stumbling across things like this but never believed it.

6 thoughts on “oh amazon, are you missing a bunch of deliveries??

  1. My husband ordered some special shaving cream from Amazon. Yes, the package was delivered within two days. But, it wasn’t sealed, there wasn’t a invoice, and there wasn’t anything in the package.

  2. Hi – do you by any chance have my Amazon “lost” package? I really dont want to wait until December (yes, December) for my replacement! Thanks

  3. I am so sick of the morons who want a job and then can’t seem to be trusted to do the smallest of tasks.

    • We found all but 3 package owners today. Amazon never ever even called (I called them) and they never came to pick up the packages

      • Was the bag an Amazon bag? If it isn’t, it may be a bag that truck followers were using to steal packages left at doors or on porches. Had the owners of packages, that you returned, indicate that they had received received delivery notices from Amazon? Or the Amazon delivery person had left on the street for pick up by an accomplice? Several possibilities..

      • No it was an actual Amazon bag. No conspiracy theories. The entire bag full of goods was marked missing by driver at end of shift per Amazon.

        Amazon Logistics NEVER came yesterday at all. Although they were supposed to

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