it’s all about the money, honey

Drove by Greystone Hall today. What a sh*t show. They have already updated their website to reflect the 34 acres they kept after selling to the developer.

“The Woodlands at Greystone”. Another preposterous development name. West Goshen Township should be ashamed, but like most municipalities, in the end all they do is roll over and show the developers their municipal bellies.

This development which has already begun as you can see, will litter the area with what? 598 MORE homes for the area?


But hey, when it comes to development it’s always all about the money, honey.

3 thoughts on “it’s all about the money, honey

  1. This always makes me ill. I can, however, feel for the owners of many acres and huge estates. How on earth can they possibly pay taxes and upkeep on these places? That’s what happened to Whitemarsh in Montgomery Co. When hubby died, he left the place to the wife,but she packed up and went to the smaller mansion in Florida. She couldn’t afford the place when the money ran out. But then the developers rushed into save the day…or did they? All that history is gone and nobody cared. Makes me want to cry.

  2. Ugh, right back at you.

    The property had been kept intact for 111 years, oh oops, I forgot about the eminent domain the family has been subjected to more than once, for county roads (322 bypass) and ball parks for the kids.

    As truly sad and devestating it is personaly, to see the property developed, it will be a wonderful donation to the community. There are planned trails and parks. It should be a wonderful addition to the surrounding neighborhood.

    Sometimes you have to look past your nose.

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