christmas blogging idea – need reader participation

I can only do this if you my readers participate. I have this idea of once December rolls around to feature our ghosts of Christmas past in Chester County and the upper Main Line. Not in a creepy way, but in a nice celebratory way. My idea is to create not just one post about this, but to be able to create several posts throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas.

I have not lived here in Chester County long enough to know about all the celebrations continue today or are purely from the past. Parades, festivals, things that speak of the season and community.

So if you have memories of Christmas past and photos you would like to share. Please contact this blog via the blog’s Facebook page. Please tell me about the photos you’re sending and how you would like them attributed. I can attribute them simply “reader submitted” or put an entire name and so on. If you are sending things in for celebrations that still continue today and it something that requires public participation and donations, tell me who it is they are supposed to contact and when the event will occur.


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