santa will be bringing pipeline liens in pa this holiday season? sounds pretty grinch-y.

Letter threatens mechanic’s lien against pipeline property owners

WGAL News 8

Lebanon County PA: The Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline is now operating through the Susquehanna Valley.

But some landowners along the route in Lebanon County received an alarming legal notice in the mail this week.

The pipeline runs through northern Lebanon county, where crews only left a few weeks ago.

But this week, resident Deb Wolfe got a letter in the mail, claiming she was going to have a mechanic’s lien placed against her property because of a contractor that was not paid for their pipeline work.

The letter explains Dykon Blasting is requesting money from Williams Transco and Welding Construction for work done on the Atlantic Sunrise through Lebanon County.

The Wolfes aren’t the only property owners facing this potential headache.

I only just learned about this but this is certainly food for thought with regard to Adelphia, Sunoco/Mariner East/Sunoco Logistics/Energy Transfer Partners, right?

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3 thoughts on “santa will be bringing pipeline liens in pa this holiday season? sounds pretty grinch-y.

  1. if the pipeline is owed money…………pay up, if you are so against free enterprise move to cuba………if you hate what free enterprise gives you, along with the comforts of a warm home, electric, drive your big suv………….stop using all of the things that modern free enterprise gave you.
    nothing but a bunch of limp wristed crybabies…………who dress boys in a dress

    • Just FYI I retain all threatening comments. And not that it is any of your business I don’t drive a big gas guzzling SUV.

      And all the things that “modern free enterprise” give us does not start with the pipelines because none of it stays here. It’s EXPORT.  They don’t even employ local for the most part, they INPORT from elsewhere.

      The other thing is if the pipeline subs are owed money  why aren’t they going to the gas companies for their money versus attacking the homeowners who have had their land stolen and properties devalued?

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