your health is NOT worth penn medicine radnor

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When you complain about the parking and the unsafe parking lot this is the little strip of paper they hand you at Penn Medicine Radnor. (This is of course after the security guard shrugs their shoulders at you.)

Ever since I became an oncology patient 7 1/2 years ago I seem to have a lot of doctors appointments. Today I was supposed to see my oncologist and I almost turned around and went home the parking lot was that bad.

Today was the day I saw a man on a walker almost get hit by a car at a medical facility. And the driver of said vehicle as they sped by had the nerve to glare at the poor man on the walker.

I had two appointments this week at Penn Radnor. Thank the good Lord I don’t have to go back before the new year. I understand they are moving into a new facility, and I don’t want to jump on the anti-Penn in Radnor bandwagon but I’m sorely tempted at this point.

When I got there this morning if an ambulance had to come in and get someone they would not have been able to navigate through the parking lot because there was barely any space to get through. People were parked on shoulders, people were parked on the grass, people were parked in fire lanes, people were parked on curves. And this isn’t just passenger vehicles there were a couple of trucks too.

And I know it’s not any safer for the staff and medical professionals than it is for the patients. Penn Medicine has a lot of money. They need to throw some towards a parking solution. Telling patients who are upset when they walk in the door what does anyone expect them to do about it is not a solution. And I had not one but two security guards shrug their shoulders at me this week. This morning the security guard barely acknowledged me and handed me a little slip of paper with the name and phone number of the chief operating officer. He of course did not answer his phone.

Today was the day where I once again called Radnor Township about this parking lot. It’s private property, but when they block fire lanes and things like that it becomes a health safety and welfare issue in my opinion.

Now somewhat say how can they predict how many people are going to be in the parking lot each day. Simple all the people that have appointments represent a vehicle. So they can track that in their computer system. That of course does not take into consideration patients coming in on an urgent basis or possibly without an appointment.

When you enter their property in Radnor you are entering a state of chaos. Every single day. And if the parking wasn’t bad enough the people who can’t wait and have to go drive unsafely around people waiting for a parking space cause additional hazards.

I am beginning to think that my life is not worth Penn Medicine at Radnor because if it was Penn Medicine would do something about their parking lot.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve gone here for many years, and the situation gets worse every year. The spaces are not accommodating to vans , nor do they have appropriate handicap parking. I often wind up doing valet parking. If anyone wants to do that bring a good book with you. It’s not a fast process, and when you get rear ended while you wait in the queue for them to take your car you’ll have something to read on your ambulance ride to a hospital.

    You mentioned they were moving . Do you possibly know where ? I used to see four doctors here, but now only three. The doctor I dropped is still with Penn Medicine , but is now ” ‘ conveniently located ” at 39th Street in Philly . I see a urologist at Penn Medicine Radnor. He wants me to have a cystoscopy which , of course, he doesn’t do at this location. An hour + ride to the ” conveniently located ” 39th Street office for a 15 minutes tops procedure .

    • They are moving to another larger property in Radnor – I think it’s one a pharmaceutical company used to have

  2. I tell every Doc that I need a twenty point handicap on my blood pressure just for the parking. Making appointments later in the day helps considerably. Penn wanted to move to a larger facility with more parking years ago but I understand they were held up by a single Radnor Supervisor who stalled the zoning.

    • They have been held up by a Radnor commissioner but they are moving to a new facility they’re building it now

  3. Come to Penn West Chester oncology or Penn Exton oncology at Oaklands, never any parking issues at these places…..

    • As I said to someone else I go to that location for other things but my oncologist does not go to that location. I have a relationship with a specific oncologist

  4. I went to Paoli and was very pleased with the personal care I received. Went to Penn for second opinion, same treatment, chose Paoli.

      • Neither do mine I still have to go into town for two of them, but it’s great for tests. I fo have a great primary doctor there, but I rarely see him.

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