townhouses next to a live quarry, how luxurious, right?

Perched atop the hill slightly off Charlestown Road is “Pickering Crossing“.

Here is how they advertise themselves:

That’s NOUVEAU FAUX Main Line yo’ because Charlestown Road is NOT the Main Line unless the R-5 Paoli Local is running through that quarry.

But hey in case you were wondering why Great Valley School District is suddenly having meetings about essentially expanding the district. The “community is invited to participate in facilities planning” translates to “there is so much development we need to expand and there go your taxes” correct? Because they don’t hold these lovely little charrettes until they’re getting ready to drop the expansion bomb on you, do they?

But hey these townships just keep approving new construction yupscale ghettos, don’t they?

But this place? A land Stepford built that seems quiet and empty doesn’t it ?

2 thoughts on “townhouses next to a live quarry, how luxurious, right?

  1. I don’t know which is sadder, the loss of green space, albeit next to a quary, that this once was, or the folks who buy there. Just a few ques.for new residents: Have you looked past the realtor/developer hype and done your homework? Do you REALLY know what you are getting? GVSD is a good school district but not Tredyffrin-Easttown by any means, and how many years will GVSD students have to spend in “modullar” (temp) classrooms before new construction even begins to fit in ALL the many, many new students into a permanent structure? All while parents pay premium prices for homes with no yards, overlooking a quarry? No one wins, not current residents, not new ones, all because this is EW’s version of community planning that promotes high density housing…just an opinion…

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