stepping back in time in chester county

A lady posted a bunch of amazing photos in a local Facebook group with the following message: “I still have a couple containers of old photos to go through. Any of these folks or places look familiar to you? This album dates back to the late 30s and 40s”

With her permission I am posting the photos here. They are all of the Malvern and possibly Phoenixville area. If you know any of the people in the photos or where the homes are located, please leave a comment.

A lot of the photos are of soldiers from World War II which I find particularly poignant. It makes you wonder who came home, doesn’t it?

The irony is the era some of these photos were taken was another time when we were doing our part for our country and staying home and growing victory gardens and living through rationing.

Anyway I hope you can help identify some of these people! I thought it would be something fun for people to do in times where it’s not so much fun during the day sometimes.

Be well.

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  1. Yes, I know the identities of most of the photos. The first house pictured is “Fairfields” in Willistown on Devon Rd, owned and lived in by good friends. It was purchased in 1917 by my Philadelphia grandfather, John O. Platt, Sr, whose wife died in the Spanish influenza pandemic in November, 1918, leaving his only son, John O., Jr, motherless at 3 months old. I’m not sure who’s pictured in the group of 8 or the next left and center gentlemen. The right picture is my father Army Capt. John O. Platt, Jr. The next man in uniform is my father’s 1/2 brother William, followed by his 1/2 sister Mary, and his 1/2 brother Davis. The newly wed couple at bottom are probably look like some in the group of 8 above but are unknown. The house at the bottom is “Four Square”, also on Devon Rd, built by John Platt, Sr for his brother Charles. I would like to arrange to see in hopes of identifying the other photos in your box. It might be best to do this online at this point. My cell # is 610-291-0937 and I have 2 siblings Clayton and Karin who live in the area. Once you and I have corresponded, I’ll share their #’s and email as they may be helpful in identifying also.
    Thanks so much for reaching out.Yours

  2. This makes complete sense as my father farmed/worked for the Platt’s during this time, so that is how he came into possession of these photos.

  3. Anita and Carla- I have not heard back from you, Anita. I did send another reply to you but have not heard anything more. It’s very awkward communicating through this blog so please reply to my cell 610-291-0937 or my email which is

  4. My siblings are very interested in any photographs of the farm, the family or employees of the place.

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