it’s getting to me a little bit today

I’m going to admit that all this coronavirus/COVID-19 is getting to me a little bit today. I am grateful that I am safe and I have a home and my family is safe and well, but this is insane.

My one stepbrother lives in England. He and his wife are medical professionals. Their children are safe at home, but physicians and surgeons like nurses and other emergency personnel are on the front lines. I think of them all of the time. England has massive shortages of safety gear and other things…much like this country. I have childhood friends in other parts of Europe. I think of them a lot too. Our family is all safe thus far, and I am grateful for these blessings. But still it’s hard some days.

I have greatly reduced my news watching. It’s stressful and often contradictory. And when news conferences that are supposed to be about how we as a country are faring but keep turning into little political pimping moments it’s even MORE depressing. And scary. We need our government to lead and the dictatorship imitations complete with propaganda is too much.

And it’s like death is all around us. My friend’s mother passed away from COVID19 away from her family alone in a nursing home. And the stories on the news of nursing homes not reporting virus cases and also not telling relatives of residents what is going on.

Where has our humanity gone? Some days I wonder.

And a couple of weeks ago a friend from high school died. Not from COVID19 but because of COVID19, no service.

And then there are the people who every day want to tell whomever will listen that coronavirus isn’t really happening. That it’s just government trying to control us. That’s crazy town.

Friends who have to go out are almost having panic attacks. This virus, this life we are living is anything but normal. Many I know have lost their jobs. And with layoffs comes COBRA healthcare pricing. We are all worried about money if we’re honest aren’t we?

And then there are my friends who are alone. People used to being alone, but the isolation caused by trying to fight this virus together apart gets hard. It’s hard for my little family unit and we are definitely homebodies. We all just miss our people. Friends, family, co-workers, business owners of businesses we all patronize. We just miss our lives.

So I swear I heard my late father’s voice today. He said “this too shall pass.” He used to say that.

So yes, this too shall pass. And in the meantime we will all keep on keeping on. Together. Apart.

Stay well. Stay home. Thanks for stopping by.

7 thoughts on “it’s getting to me a little bit today

  1. Nicely said! After World War II, Europe made some big changes, which kept the peace and prosperity for a long time. Can one hope that covid-19 will eventually produce some beneficial changes here? How about: more appreciation of human solidarity, nature and gardens, health care professionals, teaching, voting…? And not just appreciation but action?

  2. I think we are in a little down slump as the days pass on. I have to double think what day it is and trying to use this quiet time in a positive manner. So easy to get negative with constant bombarding by our government which keeps vacillating back and forth. Lets all pray that our lives will get back to normal without too many scars. Some wonderful stories are being told of caring and sharing and we need to hang in there with compassion and patience.. Thanks for the sharing of your thoughts Carla.
    Remember the WW11 song of Barkley Square…”the whole world seems upside down” but the Nightingale sang, a symbol of hope. This too, shall pass and we will stay steady and calm.

  3. Yes, I think I will have to stop reading online stuff and concentrate on my book. There seems to be constant moaning and now folks are moaning about the moaning! It does drag you down. The UK has coped well and everyone has had the medical care they need. The media is just hysterical but I’m sure it will improve soon, as they run out of rubbish to print.

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