okay 2020, can we cry uncle now?

Classic Diner Photo

It has been a day. I thought I was having a bad day with all my biggest pots blown over and things blown to bits in the garden until I started seeing the pictures my friends were taking.

But for the grace of God go any of us. Tropical Storm Isaias reminded us when it comes to Mother Nature, just who is the boss.

Earlier PulsePoint had a notification that I knew wasn’t good but oh these poor people!

Source: Facebook. Sproul Rd East Whiteland.

All over the region and into other states, the weather was horrible. What they think were tornadoes that even took down billboards in Delaware near Odessa, DE. See these photos posted by New Castle County Paramedics:

And then there’s the stuff that’s hitting the news. Like the Darby Creek flooding like crazy. Or this video sent to me by a friend who lives adjacent to the Schuylkill River:

Schuylkill River and flooded neighborhoods in Roxborough

One photo I saw today came from Long Branch, New Jersey. It was a new house being built and it looks like a bunch of match sticks. Really gives you pause about new construction doesn’t it?

New house being built in Long Branch, NJ reduced to rubble by today’s storm.

And then of course there are all the photos of all the trees down around here.

I think one of the things that floors me the most are the photos that were taken by the people at the Classic Diner in Malvern. Much like my friend’s photo from Long Branch, NJ it provokes the need for a serious conversation on development and stormwater management. Of course it also provokes the conversation of why do people drive through flood water like that?

Hershey’s Mill Road East Goshen where the dam used to be. Facebook photo.

But the more our area gets developed the more flooding we will experience because the water has nowhere to go. And also there’s the whole thing of global warming and changing weather patterns. It seems like we get more and more of these “hundred year storms”.

Please stay safe out there, we have more flood water on the way after this storm. Thank you to all the people who kindly lent their photos to me, Facebook and other social media sites.

And as a general life commentary, I don’t know about you but I am definitely over 2020. It’s the year where the hits keep on coming.

Classic Diner photo. Source: Facebook

2 thoughts on “okay 2020, can we cry uncle now?

  1. Yes, I’m the crazy person that rides in all weather, today included. I went out well before the worst hit – the creeks were coming up and the roads had a lot of water, but still rideable. Biggest observation was the amount of runoff coming down these huge driveways, literally whitewater, with nowhere to go to except building up and adding more as it flows down the roads. Boot Road. Line Road. Monument. Dutton Mill. Green Lane. King. Madeline. Carol. Line between Forest and Paoli Pike was particularly bad – and I was seeing it early on. Seeing it at ground level during the storm event is an eye opener. I rode 20 miles in the storm today so I saw it first hand. Many of our neighborhoods are “not great” when it comes to storm water management and these events are getting more frequent. Food for thought.

  2. My property in Downingtown has really changed. We see holes in the ground filled with water due to rain water runoff from across the street. Let’s hear it for the Army Corps of Engineers. I give up with all of it. All the rape of the land is really causing this, but politicians will only see $ signs at the township meetings. Maybe it’s God’s way of saying he’s sick of all of us; we’re ruining His creations all over the world.How would any great artist feel to see a masterpiece be defaced over and over again.

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