sleazy, alarming, scamming postcards for the circular file

Got this postcard in the mail yesterday. Didn’t look at it until today. Today, when I looked at it, I thought to myself “what is this about?”

And they of the anonymous, could be interpreted as alarming postcard, want to send crap through the mail in not even an envelope “would appreciate you keeping this matter private”?

Say what? How about oh hell no?

So I called the number 267-279-9003 and it was illegitimate “Dan” (no last name given) and “Dan” wants to buy my house says the message.

The message is long and folksy but sleazy at the same time. He tells you how he will cover all your costs etc. but nowhere in the message does he say what his company name is who is affiliated with or what his last name is. So I hit “0” and left a message worthy of George Carlin.

Obviously a scam and not accredited with the better business bureau or even a real office. Some kind of virtual mail drop.

So if you look at the front of the postcard the postage permit is actually out of Tampa, FL. So I am going with scammers. I can’t really find much out online but I did find someone on Twitter who got one a while back.

Oh! And also amusing? Postcard says THIRD NOTICE so I have to ask where are the other two notices? You see dear scammer, I am super annoying in the fact that I would have remembered receiving this fake alarming postcard more than once.

Feel free to call up “Dan” and leave him a message. I can think of no better punishment than whomever having to weed through tons of unnecessary messages. Just call 267-279–9003 and when “Dan’s” message starts to play hit 0# and leave him a message 🤣 but don’t sell him your house 🤣

Talk to the hand scammer, talk to the hand.

6 thoughts on “sleazy, alarming, scamming postcards for the circular file

  1. I have a lecture pretty much on this topic when I cover predatory lending and scams that prey on low-income communities (Chester County? C’mon!) at Temple. The unfortunate thing is that there are people that fall for this crap. Up there with the “We buy any house for cash!” posters that get tacked on telephone poles. Ugh.

  2. You can report it to the FTC and the PA attorney General.

    My primary concern is that the long message was because you called a number that is linked to an international phone number and was charging you international phone rates for the call.

  3. post cards and other material like this received in the mail should be halved and quartered.
    Then disposed of in the recycle container. End of story.

  4. I was brought here from a job posting on Indeed.
    The address of the alleged company matches the address on the post card you and many others have received. It seems like this scam is back up and running but taking a different route given that they have a presence on google and a website, albeit a very poorly made one. I even went further on investigating it and applied to the position and got invited to a webinar where the position and company will be explained. This is concerning for me given the amount of effort someone is going through to prey on innocent job seekers. The number listed on Google also just beeps when you dial it.

    Is this something that can be reported to others don’t fall victim?

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