like january 6th except august at a school board meeting

Tonight there was supposed to be a Great Valley School District School Board Meeting. Except it was overrun quite literally by anti-maskers. (Here watch another video sent to me call it “takeover time”: – not all but a lot of it)

Great Valley School District school board meeting was supposed to be recessed for this evening because of the people who refused to wear masks, which includes Republican Committee of Chester County school board candidates.

The police were called. F-ing ridiculous.

Kids first. Not freaking whatever self-serving politics.

Some random woman then running the meeting because she says that this is “their building” or something. Yeah, so January 6th, it is a little frightening and utterly UNACCEPTABLE. No clue who she was.

And these anti-maskers called those wearing masks “retarded” (their words) and they were wearing “face diapers”. Again, their words.

Chester County Republican School Board Candidate Sallie Campbell was observed flipping out and screaming at people in the audience….before the meeting. Obviously she is quite unstable isn’t she? And yes, Sallie the minute you became a politician as a a candidate for elected office (the school board) we can indeed wonder about you outloud.

Here is what got recorded that I could find so far by school district:



Oh and the people who were the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers were recording this entire debacle. No one is quite sure where.

To the Great Valley School District: if you are going to do these meetings, enforce your policies. If people are non-compliant, have them removed.

Also tonight? People have NO IDEA who was vaccinated or not among the anti-maskers.

This is NOT acceptable. NOT Acceptable!

To the Chester County Republican Committee, and every local Republican committee within the Great Valley School District: these people were out there representing YOUR party’s SUPPOSED values. So are we to assume the Chester County Republican Committee is therefore OK with the events of January 6th in our beloved Nation’s Capitol? This is what being a Republican means? So you are ok with your people doing things like the man who yelled at the school board and called them “little bitches” and someone else calling a school board member a “pussy”?

These are the candidates NOT to vote for: Alex Enderle, Sallie Campbell, Lauren Dicranian.

Here are observations from a parent who was there:

My recap of the GVSD SB meeting that almost was:
I got there around 7.10 and went straight inside. There were already 5 other masked people in there, and 3 non-masked. There were posted papers everywhere that said masks are mandatory, and boxes of surgical masks for those who didn’t bring one.
I asked Dr. O’Toole if the mask policy will be reinforced, and I was assured it will be as soon as the board members come in. It was uncomfortable sitting there as the number of unmasked people grew, and I knew at least a couple are not vaccinated.
By the time the board came in, I would say there were about 45ish people in attendance, half masked half not. The masked included 2 of the school board candidates(Andrea Rizzo Region 1 and Tricia Chasinoff Region 3). The unmasked were led by R candidate for Region 3 Sallie Campbell- who before the board came in turned to us and yelled that we don’t have her permission to take a picture of her- some of us had their laptops out doing some last minute work, some had their phones texting etc.
Board came in, and Dave Barratt asked everyone to comply with the mask requirement. Some angry dude called him the ‘p’ word, screamed that ‘this is our building, we pay taxes, we pay your salaries’ (nevermind that the SB positions are volunteer, apparently he doesn’t know such details). Same person insulted another mask wearing parent asking if they were retarded for wanting to wear a mask. It went on in the same style. Barratt called recess and said they will meet tomorrow on Zoom.
Most of the masked parents left. I stood in the hallway for a bit listening to what was going on. Some masked parents stayed. The R crowd decided to hold their own meeting and broadcast it somewhere- there were at least 2 people recording/streaming what people said. I have no idea where.
People were asked to state their name and address like in a SB meeting and speak; it was sickening to hear them and know that this shitshow will go on once school starts. Nurses stood up and spoke against masks and against the vaccine. Sallie C said a prayer and once again spoke against the book that teaches everyone that whites are racist, yada yada same old story as last meeting, and shed a tear as she told people how she had to leave certain FB groups where she wasn’t appreciated.
All had a common theme: the CDC ‘recommends’ and is not saying ‘mandatory’; the PA DOH ‘recommends’ and does not ‘mandate’. The government cannot tell them what to put on their kids(masks) and cannot force them to vaccinate; this is a public school and they can decide what is best for their children.
I am upset the police didn’t come and they were allowed to continue this nonsense, especially considering what happened in other states. I left as I feared for my safety. On my way out I chatted a bit with Dr Goffredo and Dr O’Toole- I don’t understand why the police wasn’t called or didn’t come(I left about 40min after the meeting was cancelled). I
I am so sad with how radicalized some of our own neighbors are, and how political this all is, and it will only get worse.”

~Parent at the meeting non meeting, storming of the school board/school district meeting

Here’s what was sent to me by people in the room (turn up the volume)

Litter some of the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers tossed aside as they were storming the school board meeting

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  1. I got there a little late but all I saw was a respectful discussion between a pro-CRT mom and about 30 people against CRT – EVERYONE was polite. Everyone wants the best for everyone and by far most people commented that Critical Race Theory will create an us vs them; victim vs oppressor climate that will tear our community apart.

    • Also “respectful”? Is that what you call people taking over the meeting of a school board for their own purposes? That wasn’t an actual school board meeting where business of the school district is accomplished. taxpayers pay for this bullshit, and that is what that little exercise was, pure bullshit.

      • To the GVSB – I am sure you have good hearts. You want things to be better. But in fact we all have good hearts and we all want things to be better.
        But Policies matter. We can’t create policies that are only skin deep and only satisfy short term emotional needs. We must extrapolate what the end result of our policies will be.
        We need policies that will maximize the happiness of our community – in both the short term AND the long term for ALL of our residents. In my life
        I have seen one policy failure after another – all because people did not extrapolate where those policies eventually lead to.
        Saying we are a “racist society” may have felt good last year. But just yesterday a parent told me that a teacher told his child that his parents were racists. The child came home and called his father a racist. Of course the father is certainly no racist and of course this was very upsetting to the parents and of course that family now has significant strife within it. Please understand how policies can go wrong – very wrong. Please understand that this greatest country ever to exist on our planet now has one side pitted against the other. This division does not create a good and healthy community. I know what a good community is – I grew up in one in the 1960’s and we loved each other and we all pulled to make the community happy, fun and healthy. In short it was like paradise and it was a LOT of fun. How about we get back
        to having good communities where the golden rule rules and we all pull in the same direction and stop bringing down our neighbors and our country.
        We are a good country – a very good country. So please understand the hell that poorly thought out policies lead us into.
        Thank You,
        Jerry Moore

      • why are you telling people to not vote for 2 Republican SB candidates who weren’t even at this meeting???
        You are a Democratic with a private agenda…vote blue!
        These candidates weren’t there, did not act poorly and yet you lump them in and lead people to believe they were. You video only what you want. You left a lot out here.
        Why anyone pays any attention to you is beyond me.

      • Oh bless your heart Ellen Behrle, I don’t know why I am responding to you since you are a known nut bag and it is none of your business, but I was a registered Republican until Trump became nominees in 2016. Also none of your business, I am a ticket splitter and my only agenda are good and qualified candidates regardless of political persuasion. I do research and vote for who is best. Period. End of story, but for someone as limited as you, that is beyond your comprehension, bless your heart.

        I never said all three Republican candidates for school board were there and this crazy meeting, but I did point out three candidates I feel should be avoided at all costs and not voted for: Alex Enderle, Sallie Campbell and the college student Lauren Dicranian. I also found you to be unqualified back in the day. (I also found this little video from you in 2011 )

        I should also point out, the video was sent to me and people captured as much as they could. It is a shame they missed things like screaming expletives at school board members and calling them things like “little bitches” and ” pussies”. Or how about screaming at people in the audience who were wearing masks calling them “retarded” and wearing “face diapers”. Or how about all of the screaming and yelling as they took over the lawful and legal meeting of a large school board, causing the meeting to not happen which costs taxpayers money? The meeting which as videotaped was taped by people because it was an unsanctioned meeting that is not representative of the business of the actual school board. This was an illegal meeting and if they wanted to have their own meeting they should have rented a hall somewhere.

        Do people pay attention to my opinions? I don’t really know but I know you do somewhat obsessively. Bless your heart, we’re done here.

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