here we go again

Oy vey, my dear, this isn’t very Christian of you now, is it?

There is a massive difference between opinion and slander.

I offered opinion, not slander, based on things publicly out there, that YOU put out there including but not limited to flipping out at public meetings, things in the media, and the judge’s public opinion last week on your law suit with the others where YOU are named plaintiff, correct? (Please note the phrase “flipping out” is opinion, a descriptive opinion.)

If your lawyer wants to play with my lawyer, I can’t stop you from pursuing that but remember YOU took a photo of me, that I am not quite sure how you obtained (maybe it was public, maybe it wasn’t) of me in a hospital gown taken a decade ago as I was either preparing for breast cancer surgery (partial mastectomy), or after the surgery as I was getting ready for (back then) several weeks of intense radiation treatment.

You posted this photo as #Pinktober or #BreastCancerAwareness month was beginning. To an extent, life is about optics. Those, in my opinion, are not productive, positive optics for you, especially as a woman.

I did not create your issues, I expressed my opinions along with lots of others over what you have put out there in #MaskGate . I will ask people to pray for you. God’s Grace is always a good thing to discover.

3 thoughts on “here we go again

  1. Been there and when it’s all over it becomes a very entertaining story, one that contines to provide laughter to most of those involved. Keep your chin up and keep up the most valuable right we have. The best thing about living here is that you have every right to be offended…and I have every right to offend you.

  2. DAMN! you’re good! 
    forget the woe and despair. It’s definitely not your style.

    To you:   L’chaim toyvim u’l’sholem !
    a good life and peace

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