beautiful progress

In June of 2020 much to my delight, I discovered the old Hershey’s Mill at Hershey’s Mill Road and Green Hill Road in West Chester (East Goshen) was getting a new lease on life.

We passed by last week again, and the restoration continues! This is so refreshing and lovely to see! I wrote about it again at the beginning of 2021.

The work whomever owns this property now has put into this place is remarkable.

Anyway, just thought I would share. It’s really cool!

3 thoughts on “beautiful progress

  1. I went by there today, saw lots of activity, including a backhoe in the swamp. What are they doing, do you know?

    • That is not a swamp that is what’s left of the Hershey’s Mill Dam and that is East Goshen‘s prerogative it has nothing to do with the house being restored. They are two separate properties. East Goshen is making that some sort of park or something I think.

  2. This makes me so happy seeing our old buildings being restored. My mother and I had drove by this area over a year ago and they were really doing some hard restorations to it then. After that, I just happened to read your article about it. We need to keep our old historic buildings in tact. That’s what gives Chester County it’s charm! I really enjoy reading your blogs. Keep them coming!

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