hey pa liquor store in lincoln court in frazer what is with the illegal customer parking that is actually dangerous?

So not cool in Lincoln Court Shopping Center on Route 30 in Frazer, PA.

And yes these photos have been sent to the police.

The photo ABOVE that is more cropped in is cropped in so you can see how people are parking every Friday and Saturday afternoon and early evening in front of the liquor store.

They are essentially parking in what is the roadway for the shopping center and what are fire lanes that you’re not supposed to park in in the first place. Sometimes it is on one side, sometimes it is on both sides.

The original uncropped photo which is the one ABOVE opening this post was sent to me today at 4:21 PM. It was sent to me with a note that this is not just because it’s Super Bowl weekend it happens every weekend.

I was also told (and I don’t know if it was today or yesterday afternoon) an older lady who had to weave in between the cars to get to her parking spot that was legal was almost hit because of the cavern effect of the double side illegal parking, (which also puts other motorists at risk.)

Nobody is trying to judge the liquor store but it’s a little bit incredulous that they haven’t tried to do anything.

These people aren’t all going into the QVC store they are going into the liquor store. It’s not fair to people patronizing any business in the shopping center.

If you patronize this liquor store, please take the time to park legally and safely. It is to your benefit and the benefit of others.

3 thoughts on “hey pa liquor store in lincoln court in frazer what is with the illegal customer parking that is actually dangerous?

  1. Not defending what you saw, but I have been told by PLCB employees to pull my car up to the front of many PLCB facilities and a store employee would load up my car.

  2. I am finding that drivers are rewriting ALL the roadway and driving laws. Are they all people who have moved in from other states and still doing what was permissible in their former state? Everyday I see crazy drivers . Someone passed me on the right shoulder going up 113 two weeks ago. On Wednesday at Swedesford and 100 intersection I saw someone who was not even up to the road when the light turned red. Clearly, he had plenty of time to stop as there were about 10 car lengths before crossing over through 100. In all his wisdom, he decided to fly right through the light that had turned red several seconds prior.

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