the internet jesus made them do it

I had, HAD, HAD to share that video above. It has to be the most perfect thing after another day of hearing what the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism and their man-servants have been doing.

Literally today’s theme is The Internet Jesus made them do it.

The latest and greatest from these intellectual giants to get out of wearing masks apparently is to become Internet ministers to get to write their own religious exemptions to masks.

I hear “Whatcha’ talkin’ about Willis?” running through my brain right now.

I.Just.Can’t. Help. It. Who would have ever thunk it? Political extremists/fanatics/lap dancers are very entertaining at times.

I mean they do realize that most things mask are lifting soon EVERYWHERE so what are they after? A Pyrrhic victory?

So remember Stacey Whomsley? Anti-masker, anti-vaxxer, got elected to the West Chester Area School District school board? She was the Cagney to Anonymous Ada Nestor’s Lacey during the election season? So now she’s on the school board.

So….it’s about her husband….he became or is in process of becoming an Internet Minister to get religious exemptions to wearing masks, and I guess vis a vis pretzel logic that waters down to her and the kids or something? Or he can then write up religious exemptions?

I have to ask IF she is a duly elected public official in the West Chester Area School District, she is supposed to uphold their regulations, correct? So how does it work that her hubs is doing this? I find it damn amusing and “Anonymous Ada” Nestor is in on the comment train too.

Sorry not sorry, this is the funniest thing I have heard all day. And the mental picture of all of these people storming the heavens…errr Internet to become Internet Ministers…oh and then there is the chick who has made her house her church? How does that work? Again, West Chester Area School District. Wonder how her neighbors feel about sunrise services? And if ministry fails there are always essential oils, right? Maybe they will have an official essential oil mask exemption too?

Remember readers…Jesus loves them mostly because someone has to

Blessed be.

2 thoughts on “the internet jesus made them do it

  1. Lots of projection here. Exactly how is it totalitarian to want choice? Hint: it’s actually the opposite of totalitarian. The ones forcing masks and jabs are the totalitarian tyrants.

    • Hey Amanda-
      Good. End all vaccinations NOW. Let disease run rampant, and mass death.

      It’s all about what YOU in all of your stupidity and ignorance want. You hate kids – you don’t care if they spread disease because it’s all about your ego.

      No more hospitals, no more miracles of modern medicine – nope, it’s all lies, right???

      BTW, I’m a real conservative – not the little, superstitious fascist like you. And that’s not projection – that’s fact. You can’t kill us all – but you are trying .

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