over in a park in west whiteland

When the coroner comes calling it’s never a good day. A couple of days ago I noticed a post which popped up on NextDoor about police activity in a West Whiteland park. Then this morning West Whiteland Township Police posted a notice making a park off limits because of police/coroner activity.

Now there are helicopters circling everywhere. So what’s up? I do not know. But if the coroner is on site they must have found human remains. A lot of people are hoping that finally Anna Maciejewska has been found, although I will comment that that is complete conjecture at this point. I also personally think that if Anna is found, it will be somewhere near where her car was dumped. Not Miller Park in West Whiteland.

I don’t know who was found, although I wish they would put this effort into finding Anna Maciejewska who has been missing since April, 2017.

And people are also commenting that the police haven’t said anything much . Well if it’s an ongoing investigation and the coroner involved, just let them do their jobs and they will tell us in due course what this is about. I have been told there are divers involved and drones and you can hear the helicopters, but they might be news helicopters or just from the helicopter museum.

I hope whatever is going on today, that it brings a family closure. Because if a family member goes missing that has to be a special kind of hell.