rotting 18th century chester county farmhouse in east whiteland.

This is the farmhouse at the Clews and Strawbridge boat dealership. I have written about it off and on for years. I started taking photos of it around 2011. ( see here, and here, and here)

This was a once lovely 18th century farmhouse. If my research is correct, it was built in 1734. According to the Tredyffrin-Easttown Historical Society, Lincoln Highway, Lancaster Pike, Lancaster Avenue was laid out in 1732! (Now I know the place has to be on a historic resources inventory list, but I can’t find that on East Whiteland’s website, although I can find it on one of the little maps on the comprehensive plan.)

This is so freaking sad.

It just rots.

Talk about demolition by neglect.

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  1. I would love to get inside. Wide pine floors, staircase, paneling typical of the 1700’s. Has anyone contacted Clews and Strawbridge; perhaps not their responsibility, or do they need to be held in account? It is very sad.

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