they had me at french maid costume….in west vincent

Excerpt from the 7/18/23 Board of Supervisors Meeting.

I don’t visit West Vincent Meetings very often. But I am thinking we have all been missing out. This week brought us the mysterious caper of the sexy French Maid’s Outfit. Apparently, some employee or someone ordered this on a township credit card a while back?

The supervisors didn’t seem keen on discussing it. I mean heck two out of the three used to be Republicans and didn’t leave because of Big Donnie Orange more like they weren’t wanted and people don’t mention that too often and we know THAT is not to be discussed, right?

…..But I digress. Easy to do in West Vincent and they have had a busy summer with flaming bodies from Brooklyn dumped on West Vincent Roads and such, right?

NY Daily News: NYC CRIME
2 Brooklyn men arrested for shooting death of drinking buddy dumped in the Pennsylvania woods and set ablaze: NYPD

By Rocco Parascandola
Police Bureau Chief
Published: Jul 06, 2023 at 9:02 am

Police arrested two Brooklyn men for shooting a drinking buddy and then dumping his body in the Pennsylvania woods and setting him on fire, police said Thursday. Luis Marroquin-Cerna, 27, and Rodolfo Lopez, 29, spent the night of June 18 at a bar with Rolando Blanco-Duarte, 32, police said.

At some point, the trio left the bar and went to a building on 41st St. in Sunset Park and got into an argument, and shot Blanco-Duarte twice, police said.

The suspects later drove the victim to a wooded area in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where they dumped the victim’s body and set it on fire, police said.

I still want to know why they chose West Vincent and it was not THAT remote a road, but compared to a city, I guess it was?

Back to the Oooh laa laa of summer meetings in West Vincent….

So I have NO idea what this is about or where this appeared, but would love to see a line item purchase for a French Maid’s costume wouldn’t you?

Many thanks to my friend for sending me a better recording than the township does. Go to the end of the meeting and
listen for the French maid.

Sorry not sorry but I have visions of West Vincent politicians going trick or treating as sexy French maids this Halloween, don’t you? I am sure two of those old dog politicians will have a fit of the vapors over lampoon below, but they need to revisit their US history. It’s allowed yo’.

Trick or treat all year round in West Vincent these days?

Au revoir!

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