people are fed up with the cavalcante on the run of it all

To the people contacting me all I can say is spread the word around if see something say something. Just keep reporting sightings. Please don’t just report it to social media call the actual police.

I think law enforcement in Southeastern PA needs to get together and there needs to be reversed 911 to the entire southeastern PA area.

This guy could be headed into Norristown, or King of Prussia, etc.

My fear is he makes it to South Jersey and hides in the Pine Barrens for a good long time putting a lot of those people there at risk. Or he goes to Philadelphia, and just blends in with the rest of the criminals that are never caught in that jurisdiction.

And if Josh Shapiro can do things like giant press conferences on putting I-95 back together why can’t he put our mind at ease down here and get more resources as needed?

2 thoughts on “people are fed up with the cavalcante on the run of it all

  1. 400 cops, helicopters, ground radar, a jail guard who wasn’t paying attention….and you want to blame Josh Shapiro and Marian Moskowitz? What exactly do you expect Josh and Marian to do?

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