post cavalcante: all that remains is arm chair quarterbacking and a need for answers

Source unknown but thank you for the photo.

Danelo Cavalcante is now in custody. 14 days later. Finally. Thankfully. I have included this morning’s press conference. The AP has a great video, with other footage before the presser.

I will start with Governor Josh Shapiro. It was right for him to be here for this. But he mentioned in his remarks Chairwoman of the Chester County Commissioners Marian Moscowitz. But where has Marian been during all of this? We didn’t hear from her. We didn’t even hear from Congresswoman Chrissie Houlahan on this situation until yesterday because of this. State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens however is kind of a cool dude I think. Talk about consistent grace under pressure and unwavering faith. I would totally like to shake his hand. And I say that as someone who was critical because this was insane.

The press conference begins at the 14 minutes and 8 seconds mark there abouts.
Earlier AP footage here also interesting.

Sorry not sorry, it still bothers me whom we didn’t see and didn’t really hear from. Disappoints me. Makes me question things. Someone said to me today that they were not sure how well the Governor thought of county leadership after this. Interesting perspective, no?

And when we are talking law enforcement, Chester County Sheriff Fredda Maddox who is also on the board of the Chester County Prison was noticeably absent. We saw sheriff candidate in the presser line up today. Not impressed by him. Fired from DA’s office, he sues Deb Ryan and DA’s office, and goes across the hall or whatever in like a couple of weeks to the Sheriff’s office and now he wants to be Sheriff?

It’s one of those pretzel logic things with Chester County Democrats and Grandma Charlotte’s merry band of whatevers: they endorse District Attorney Deb Ryan for Judge, she becomes a candidate after the primary, yet the guy who sued her and her office is the candidate for Sheriff? Like I said: Pretzel Logic. Which of course is another reason why it’s time for Grandma Charlotte to retire. The CCDC has become kind of what they replaced, which is well, ironic.

As far as “county row” and who is on the prison board we heard from Josh Maxwell and Deb Ryan. And frankly I think the Chesco Democrats kind of left Deb Ryan twisting in the wind during this and I think that was wrong.

I took MAJOR crap from some connected depending upon how the wind blows Democrats. I mention the wind because that is kind of how I see the Chester County Democrats leadership these days. It’s like they lick their fingers and hold them up to see which direction the wind is blowing. I got this whole lecture about how the sheriff serves on the prison board and the county runs the prison and the chief deputy sheriff does neither.

Why my goodness Watson, I never knew. (Yes heavy sarcasm.)

BUT the prison board has a lot to answer for here. People on the prison board are up for re-election, and new elected positions. It would have been *HELPFUL* if we had seen the literal whites of their eyes for REASSURANCE while this was going on. That’s not to say I want someone like Republican Candidate Dave Sommers as a Chester County Commissioner. I do not. He is not qualified and is a guy who likes to run for things and right or wrong gives off Eau de Smarmy. He is kind of like the “Professor” running for DASD school board who called me a racist for mocking him as a person also of Italian heritage. Ick factor runs high. Sorry not sorry. For digressing. Not for my opinion.

Then I was told as a currently registered Democrat I essentially shouldn’t question leadership etc etc. EVER. That I shouldn’t point fingers in a “heightened political atmosphere.” I mean REALLY? Escaped murderers are inconvenient for Chester County politics much? The only people you ever saw occasionally making comments during the past 14 days were indeed IMHO kind of being left to hang out and blow around. I don’t think that is right. Suffice it to say, politically this is interesting because it could actually cost Chester County Democrats their leadership. I think that is why we had governor sightings.

I am entitled to this opinion. Tough noogies. And I am not alone.

And win or lose in any situation, there is a thing called accountability. Something quite a few Chester County politicians from both parties and CCDC party leadership in particular need to embrace. A friend said along those lines, a chair of any organization has to lead by example. It isn’t about purity, it’s about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It can’t always be oops we did it again, right? And win or lose in situations like this or elections, be accountable. You have all these county row folks and more in he middle of this prison mess. And a lot were invisible to the residents of Chester County while this was going on. And how about those who have received the CCDC nod, AKA endorsements? Why don’t endorsements require the quid pro quo of serving at least a full term before seeking the next office?

Now there are LOTS of questions now about Chester County Prison. And the problems here obviously didn’t just begin, so then is it fair to say, there is plenty of political blame to go around? So Republicans past and present, you are not off of the hook, either, are you? Does Chester County need to talk about the LAST two wardens? And how will they conduct a search for the next warden? Or will it be the interim guy? Here is the last prison Board Meeting August 30, 2023…you know the day BEFORE Cavalcante escaped:

The NEXT Prison Board Meeting is coming up. Wednesday, September 20, 2:30 PM. Location is given as the prison. I would *HOPE* this would be a zoom available meeting but I don’t know.

With regard to the prison, escape should be topic #1, right? And will we get answers to May escape as well? Because let us not forget, the May escapee, escaped another time in 2019, right?

Of course in Brazil, Danelo Cavalcante is apparently a folk hero to some who don’t like Americans. (Read this article.) That irritates me as much as the ridiculous immigration political wars on social media the past 14 days. Not to be a bitch (but I will be), Cavalcante entered the US in 2018 under the watch of Donald Trump the great border bore.

Yoda is awesome! Unknown source for photo.

And the people who have taken issue with the law enforcement posing for a photo when Cavalcante was captured. Get over yourselves.

They worked their asses off. They kept us safe. Those guys from Texas were the bomb and the others from all other areas of state, local, and Federal law enforcement. You think this was terrible to take a damn photo of something they will remember for years to come? Personally what I think is unforgivable is you all can’t sit down and say THANK YOU.

Video courtesy of Deanna Durante

I will not lie, I lost faith in this process many times while it was occurring. It took a long time. In every area he was sighted, I have friends. I have family in law enforcement and friends. None that were on this detail, but undoubtedly they knew folks who were. This was like every FBI series or SWAT series we have ever watched on TV ….. only it was in our back yards. I found myself frustrated a lot because every damn night we went to sleep hoping tonight was the night, and we woke up and nope he was still on the run.

My husband was one of the ones who helped me see it differently. He said to me day 1 that Danelo Cavalcante was like a feral animal. Not trained in anything other than survival. He rested mostly during the day, and moved around at night. The heat made thermal imaging stuff difficult. Thunderstorms made it difficult for helicopters and planes.

Another issue is we were starved for information. We were not getting a lot at times from the normal channels. The notification systems were spotty until the call and text today that said he was apprehended. Then we had almost oversaturation when we had the convict chasers, who are like storm chasers. Then we had people glued to their You Tube broadcasts, who would simultaneously chide me for sharing and then tell me every bad thing they could dig up on these guys. It was kind of exhausting.

We will all sleep well tonight. Say thank you to those men and women who patrolled and searched and hunted for 14 days. Yoda the dog deserves a big old steak. As a matter of fact, the reward money? Can it go towards the K-9s who were on the job these past two weeks? And speaking of K-9s, one of the things I liked about Governor Shapiro’s remarks were his comments about the value of K-9 units.

Now I will share the GoGundMe someone established for the children of the poor woman murdered by Danelo Cavalcante. Her name was Déborah Evangelista Brandão. (FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REACH GoFundMe.)

I will note the person who sent me the link was rather passive aggressive in their chiding that I did not share the GoFundMe immediately. I did not wish to do it while they were hunting Cavalcante. I wanted to wait until he was back inside. But you know with some people I am just supposed to do what they want when they want or whatever like I am their damn employee.

The one sad thing is this manhunt and situation brought out is the missing common sense in people and those who need to be in the spotlight for stupidity. People joy riding around all of the police check points. One of the best things was watching people decide to just do what they wanted at police check points and road blocks and the police stopping them….all while the You Tube guys were recording. You know them, the ones who think “road closed” is for other people. This time they got their asses turned around and/or slowed down for their misplaced sense of entitlement.

I get it, nerves are still frayed after this. But seriously people, now that it is over can we concentrate what needs fixing politically and in that prison so this never happens again? More people could have died, and didn’t and we should be grateful. And I say that as someone who was over this by like day 3.

Last words? Cavalcante is now PA Inmate QP8931. Here’s hoping his public defender sits the freak down and doesn’t appeal what is not appealable. The Office of the PA Attorney General will investigate and prosecute the escape as per a press release. Can we HOPE he will BE IN JAIL IN A STATE PRISON when they do the whole escape charge preliminary hearing? Can we hope the investigation into the prison will not be a fluffy thing but a real hard look into what goes on there and what has gone on in the past and answers as to WHY the prior warden was put on administrative leave in the first place and more? That is what is important people, not being a bunch of little bitches about a law enforcement photo this morning.

And Yoda the dog? You rock can I buy you a nice steak or bully bone?

Good night folks.

Another wonderful photo, origin unknown but thank you for taking it.

lucky 13?

If you are a Chester County resident, you are undoubtedly weary of the man hunt for Danelo Cavalcante.

Now it’s kind of like not when they catch the little bastard, it’s IF. Most people now are flying by on social media saying they hope he resists and that he’s put down.

This afternoon they were around Wetherhill Estates or something and there is a shelter in place.

The one sad thing this manhunt is bringing out is the missing common sense in people and those who need to be in the spotlight for stupidity. People joy riding around all of the police check points. My favorite today was watching people decide to just do what they wanted at police check points and road blocks and the police stopping them….all while the You Tube guys were recording.

My other favorite thing since this started are Democrats chiding me for questioning leadership in Chester County who have been rather well SILENT. And some are on the PRISON board. One accused me of being “fed” information and amusingly told me of a certain person running for office who was supposedly putting in all these hours that is Caspar the friendly ghost in fact.

New York Times: Pennsylvania Fugitive Has Been Trained for Survival, His Mother Says
In her first interview, Danelo Cavalcante’s mother said that her son had killed two people, but she insisted that he was not a threat to the public.

I love being told I shouldn’t point fingers in a “heightened political atmosphere” I mean REALLY? Escaped murderer is inconvenient for Chester County politics much? The only people you ever see occasionally making comments are kind of being left to hang out and blow around. I don’t think that is right. Suffice it to say, politically this is interesting because it could actually cost Chester County Democrats their leadership. I think that is why we had a governor sighting today if I am being honest.

The days go by and it’s Where’s Waldo with a feral murderer who never should have escaped from prison in the first place. The Pennsylvania State Police are still in charge, so at least these past two weeks they have an excuse for not following up on wherever Anna Maciejewska is right?

God we all WISH he would be caught. We know the area is tough. We appreciate all law enforcement has been doing. But we’re all tired. Frustrated. Anxious. This is what a reader sent me – a video of their new never going to be normal:

This is a horrible way to live right now. If you see this guy CALL 911. You shouldn’t have to be motivated by a reward. This guy has a gun. He is doing everything just to not go back to jail.

Ok well tomorrow is day 14. Please stay safe people. This is no joke. This is not a dress rehearsal for life. This is a scary, exhausting, frustrating reality. It’s like you can’t even feel safe outside in your own garden. Wondering if we need Texas Rangers in PA?

Try to sleep East Nantmeal and the surrounding area.

9/11 turns 22

Please use this day to remember all of those Americans who died on 9/11. Multiple races, ethnicities, walks of life, and more. Remember all of those people who died on this day to help protect our freedoms.

Honor America by actually remembering who we are, not what some try to dictate whom they say we should be.

On September 11, 2020 it was the 19th unbelievable anniversary of 9/11. One of the things that 9/11 taught us, as journalist Harry Smith on NBC’s Today Show had pointed out then on the morning news is in this great country if we look, there is more that unites us versus divides us, and we learned that from 9/11. He also remarked that it’s hard for us to see it now and it is. We are a country divided.

We can’t remain a country divided, and this somber anniversary is the best example why.

Yet we are a country still divided, even more divided I feel. Full of zealots wound up in their own hatred determined to pummel us with what they feel are their superior views. I was reminded of that this weekend when a woman I wrote about decided to get quite literally in my face so I knew who she was or saw her.

We were at a ceremony marking the history of a cemetery and a church ruin. Was that her appropriate moment? No of course not, but what she didn’t get is that I already saw her before seeing her inches from my face and it cemented my sense of what she did being wrong all over again. I told her that I don’t speak to people like her and walked away.

But these people like this woman? They don’t understand that they get their very rights to try to remove the rights of others in this country because of our forefathers, and again because of the people who lose their lives for being Americans. Like 9/11.

On 9/11 Americans were targeted for violence and death for being American. And any other person who was from any other part of the world who died that day in NYC, Washington DC, or Shanksville, PA died for being in the US then for whatever reason.

Yes, there is always more that unites us versus divides us, and we learned that from 9/11 and that is often nearly impossible for us to see in today’s world . We are still a country divided. We can’t remain a country divided and the anniversary of 9/11 is the best example why.

Today also marks day 12 that an escaped murderer is on the loose in Chester County County. Here’s hoping Danelo Cavalcante is apprehended today. Here’s a video from a guy from this morning about this:

I think they totally don’t know where this guy is at this point and that bothers me because today is 9/11 and there are ceremonies everywhere even in Chester County.

Back to 9/11.

The news is once again full of stories of families who lost people on 9/11. Children who grew up without parents because they died on 9/11. This is unimaginable loss, and all of these people have gone forward with their lives which has to be so hard at some moments. Graduations, weddings, first days of school, first steps of children and grandchildren and more.

Again on 9/11, I am also going to pause and remember two men I went to college with. I’m not going to be some kind of weird death hypocrite and say I really knew them or they were my close personal friends because they weren’t. They were both people I met a couple of times, but people I never really knew who were close to people important to me to this very day. They lost their lives on 9/11.

9/11 Memorial in New Jersey – my photo.

Doug Cherry worked for AON. I remember when I found out that he had died in the trade center because I worked for then Wachovia Securities, and AON had a large office literally across the hall. Someone I knew from that office had oddly remembered I went to Ohio Weslyan. So they told me when they learned the names of those who had died in their company. But that wasn’t on 9/11 that was in the days that followed. I remember afterwards the days that followed when you started to see the roll call of names of people lost.

I remember when I heard about Doug I kind of felt old and felt my own mortality for the first time. He was my class, and although he wasn’t a close friend or somebody I even really knew back then, we went to a small school, so you remembered the faces even if you didn’t remember the people.

That was the case with Ted Luckett. He was the class ahead, and again somebody I didn’t know but remembered. But I remembered back then is he liked to sail — there were a lot of guys who went to Ohio Weslyan who were amazing sailors. Even on America’s Cup crews.

I remember when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. It was at this moment I was pulling into my garage back then where I worked for then Wachovia Securities in Conshohocken. I was listening to the radio. I remember the tears just starting to roll down my face because I knew, I knew they (terrorists) came back because I had walked out of the World Trade Center shopping concourse in 1993 when they blew up the garage.

And when I say I remember exactly when it was as the bomb detonated in that garage in 1993. I was standing on the sidewalk outside looking at Century 21. If life has been different I might still have been working in New York City on September 11, 2001.

I also remember as I walked into my office that fateful day in 2001, and all the brokers were riveted to television screens in their offices and their computers, at that point in time most people didn’t believe those were terrorist attacks. They just thought like a small plane had gone into the trade center. It was a crazy surreal morning as the news started to unfold. It’s crazy how clearly I can still remember it. I think this is like it was for our parents the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. You remember where you were and what you were doing.

I also remember calling my late father, who was on his cell phone on an Amtrak train to New York for some kind of an appointment, and when he answered the phone I remember saying “Where are you? Where are you?” And he told me they had just stopped at Metro Park, New Jersey, and I told him get off the train. Take another train back. And he told me oh no the AMTRAK conductors said it’s fine, it’s nothing and he would be back that evening. With the aftermath of 9/11 in NYC, he couldn’t get out of that city for days.

So it’s been 22 years, what have we learned? I ask that ever year.

Another of the other things I remember on this day now twenty years ago, two sisters I grew up with who were close childhood family friends and still are. One, at the time, worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The other I think worked for Marsh and McLennan at the time (can’t remember for sure), but she did work somewhere in the World Trade Center. I remember being in a panic for days until I found out they were OK. One or both were out of state visiting their parents. And one sister had actually just left her job to go back to school or she definitely would have been there.

One of the sisters, if not both, were posted on missing persons lists that kept coming out back then at a rapid-fire pace. You have no idea how surreal it was to see familiar names on these lists. Especially because at this point the missing persons lists were also presumed dead lists.

On the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, I am also going to once again pause for a moment to remember the OTHER terrorist attempt on the World Trade Center. February 26, 1993.

In 1993, I worked in New York at that time at an office located downtown in the financial district. 44 Wall Street. Gabriele, Hueglin & Cashman.

On that day, I had accompanied my office friend Deirdre to the World Trade Center to grab an early lunch and to check out some stores in the shopping concourse above the garage. We were back outside of the World Trade Center buildings, getting ready to cross the street, when suddenly the ground shook and moved. I remember that we were looking directly across the street at Century 21, a department store in Lower Manhattan.

Then something happened that rarely happens in New York: Everything went eerily still and quiet. We looked up at what we first thought were snowflakes beginning to float and fall from the sky. After all, it was February.

Then car alarms began to go off one by one like the cacophony of many distorted bells. The snowflakes, we soon discovered, were in reality ashes.

People began yelling and screaming. It became very confusing and chaotic all at once, like someone flipped a switch to “on.” At first, we both felt rooted to the sidewalk, unable to move. I remember feeling a sense of panic at the unknown. 

We had absolutely no idea what had happened, and hurried back to our office. Reaching it, we were greeted by worried coworkers who told us that someone had set off a bomb underground in the World Trade Center garage. That much had come over the Bloomberg machine.

I will never forget the crazy kaleidoscope of images, throughout that afternoon, of all the people who were related to or knew people in my office who sought refuge in our office after walking down the innumerable flights of steps in the dark to exit the World Trade Center Towers. They arrived with soot all over their faces, hands and clothes. They all wore zombie looks of shock, disbelief and panic.

Of course, the oddest thing about the first terrorist attack on New York City is that I don’t remember much lasting fuss about it. I do remember that President Bill Clinton was newly sworn into office, but I don’t remember him coming to visit New York after the attack. (I found out later he did not visit New York after this attack.)

Everything was back to normal in Lower Manhattan in about a month, maybe two. After a while, unless you had worked in New York, or lived in New York, you simply forgot about this 1993 “incident.”

Except if you were there, like I was, you always remember that day as well. And I am sure I am not the only one who was in New York City downtown in February 1993 who felt as I did on September 11, 2001: that immediate “they came back” feeling.

Within the past few years I found my work friend Deirdre again, and we are reconnected. She still in the New York metropolitan area and has a beautiful family.

Life must go on and time can’t stand still, but all in all I can’t help but wonder: What have we learned since about our country and about ourselves? TWENTY TWO years after 9/11 what have we learned and what have we forgotten? What do we need to remember?

We never forget this day and never should. But what have we learned? I think we need to pay it forward as a country in memory of all of those first responders and others who lost their lives. We need to be better versions of ourselves. We need to come together as a country. 

We need peace, and less racial divide and polarizing, divisive politics. Is that possible? I don’t know. But we can try.

I don’t really have that much else to say about 9/11 today, other than this isn’t Taylor Swift’s 22.

I will close with it is so almost inconceivable to me that 22 years have gone by in a blink since 9/11 happened. Here’s wishing for a better world… and remembering those who lost their lives and gave their lives on this day as well as those who were in our lives then, but are not now.


9/11 Memorial in NJ

people are fed up with the cavalcante on the run of it all

To the people contacting me all I can say is spread the word around if see something say something. Just keep reporting sightings. Please don’t just report it to social media call the actual police.

I think law enforcement in Southeastern PA needs to get together and there needs to be reversed 911 to the entire southeastern PA area.

This guy could be headed into Norristown, or King of Prussia, etc.

My fear is he makes it to South Jersey and hides in the Pine Barrens for a good long time putting a lot of those people there at risk. Or he goes to Philadelphia, and just blends in with the rest of the criminals that are never caught in that jurisdiction.

And if Josh Shapiro can do things like giant press conferences on putting I-95 back together why can’t he put our mind at ease down here and get more resources as needed?

day 9 in chester county: our new normal?

Danelo Cavalcante has been on the loose for NINE days. Nine. It’s kind of inconceivable that this is going on but it’s the real world so it happens. I still don’t understand how it happened from the perspective of it took that prison an hour to figure out he was gone? As of 5:30 PM , the AP is reporting the guard who was supposed to be watching was fired. Is this person the only head to roll here? What about whoever was on duty in May when the other guy escaped or in 2019 when the other guy escaped the first time?

AP: U.S. NEWS Prison guard who missed killer’s escape is fired, as hunt for fugitive focuses on botanic garden

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (AP) — A prison tower guard has been fired after letting a murderer slip away on his watch in a brazen daytime escape, officials said Friday, as the nine-day-old search pressed on amid southeastern Philadelphia suburbs, farmland and a vast botanical garden.

News of the firing came as the searchers’ ranks grew overnight, focusing on the area around Longwood Gardens, where the fugitive inmate has been spotted before.

Danelo Souza Cavalcante, 34, escaped while awaiting transfer to state prison on Aug. 31 after being sentenced to life in prison for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend in 2021. Prosecutors say he wanted to stop her from telling police that he’s wanted over a killing in his home country of Brazil.

But there are other people that we haven’t heard from in this. We haven’t heard from board members of that prison who are elected officials in Chester County, seeking reelection and higher office. I’m speaking specifically about Chair of the Chester County Commissioners Marian Moscowitz and Sheriff Fredda Maddox, now judicial candidate.

I am asking this as a registered Democrat no less. It’s nothing personal but I think we haven’t heard from them and I know for one I would feel more comfortable if I heard anything coming out of their mouths on this issue and temporary new normal and all I hear are other people. It’s like they are leaving District Attorney Deb Ryan on her own, and I just don’t think that’s right.

The law-enforcement presence amped up further today, and these people are to be applauded even if they haven’t found Cavalcante yet. They are working their asses off. Which is more than you can say for the people at Chester County prison who let this happen in the first place.

I am sharing an excerpt from today’s Inquirer article and I will point out that the byline holder with Vinny Vella named Jesse Bunch is Inquirer legacy. I don’t know either of his parents, but I read and have read their articles and columns for years (his mom is retired from the paper.) This is a total non-related aside, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Philadelphia Inquirer: The force searching for Danelo Cavalcante reached its highest point Friday, after latest sightings.

by Vinny Vella and Jesse Bunch
Published Sep. 8, 2023, 4:45 p.m. ET

The search for escaped Chester County inmate Danelo Cavalcante grew significantly on its ninth day Friday, as Pennsylvania State Police officials boosted the force searching for him to its largest size since he fled from custody on Aug. 31.

Close to 400 officers from local, state, and federal agencies were focusing on a roughly 8-square-mile stretch of woods near Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, according to State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens. Cavalcante was last seen in the vicinity of the gardens around noon Thursday, and a trail camera on Longwood’s property recorded him late Wednesday evening, Bivens said a news briefing Friday morning at the fire station.

Meanwhile, a guard at the prison who was on duty during Cavalcante’s escape and didn’t see him climb up onto the roof was fired late Thursday, according to a source at the prison who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the investigation. The officer, whose name was not immediately available, had worked at the prison for 20 years, according to the source….In the aftermath of Cavalcante’s escape, prison administrators searched the tower officer and found that he was carrying his personal cell phone in violation of regulations at the prison, the source said Friday.

Nerves are frayed all over Chester County. You don’t have to be immediately in the vicinity with all the police activity to be concerned. This is our new normal right now but it’s anything but normal.

I hear the Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square is going on as planned this weekend, I almost think that’s kind of crazy at this point I wish they could postpone it until next weekend but I hope they have a good time.

OK it’s dinner time for me. Have a good evening.

day 10

Day 10.

Danelo Cavalcante is still on the loose. A friend of mine hypothesized last night that he hides/sleeps during big parts of the day and moves at night.

Our area is galvanized. Paralyzed. Terrified. Suck as F of an escaped animal on the loose. This is not some misunderstood human being. This is a full fledged killer holding our county hostage.

We have heard that they have held one guard accountable. They fired him. But where is the outrage and further accountability? How about some elected officials playing hide and seek? Where’s Marian Moscowitz? Where’s the Sheriff? Where is the guy Dykes who wants to be Sheriff? He was also once in DA’s office so you would think he’d be all over this?

People are talking about “Republican grandstanding” during this. Yeah, I have seen some of that like that tool of a politician from Berks County who is trying to tie immigration policy to Cavalcante but if we timeline him I wonder exactly during whose administration he crept into the US under? Because *somehow* I don’t think criminals pay attention to immigration policy and partisan politics and if they want to get here badly enough, then they do.

However, what I have seen is a clear example of is the Democrats who are in charge and who wish to run for office have been mostly invisible. The only ones we hear from are Josh Maxwell and Deb Ryan. I saw a chirpy message from Congresswoman Houlahan from Kennett Square on Facebook and she didn’t even mention the escaped murderer or what folks down there are experiencing or the rest of us. It’s hard as hell not to dwell on this because we are all living it, and depending on where you are in Chester County, the whole living it is extra and in technicolor and far too real.

In these moments I think of all the people with horses down there in the escaped murderer zone. The helicopters, noise, etc has to be even harder on the equine residents of Chester County.

And if I had a dollar for every time I hear a comment about they can’t believe that they have not caught him yet. Yes I get it, I have said it a bunch myself but then I go back to what I really want answers to: seriously, how did they allow things in that prison to deteriorate to such a point that a criminal like Danelo Cavalcante could escape in the first place?

No I can’t believe that he is still out there yet I can believe it given the terrain and well, he survived in jungles and mountains etc until he crept into this country. What did he actually do for work until he murdered his girlfriend? Who employed him? And his public defender? Everyone is entitled to a defense but has anyone spoken to him since this happened?

And now “vigilante justice” has arrived as per tabloid journalism. But are they vigilantes or just residents who want to help?

Here’s a YouTube currently streaming:

People are TikToking like mad. Some of it is hysterical.

So yeah Day 10.

Wahoo said no resident of Chester County ever about this.

where’s marian?

Yo Marian Moscowiz we thought Josh Shapiro was your BFF? Have you reached out to him for more resources to catch Danelo Cavalcante?

This escaped murderer is actually running around now in your part of the county or close enough to it, right?

So where are you comforting your constituency the people of Chester County? We have heard barely a word from you since this began.

Lady, with all due respect, do you want us to vote for you in November? Earn it.

I have friends texting me conversations between themselves and neighbors in East Pikeland. You know people that were supposed to get a Reverse 911 only most or all of them didn’t?

This guy looks more rested than everyone else at this point. There should be reversed 911 calls going out all across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

People feel scared, powerless, helpless, angry, and you are hiding. Hiding is not supposed to be in your job description.


day 11: danelo cavalcante is out of pocopson area and ON THE RUN

I got a text from a friend before my glasses were on:

He may be in Phoenixville… Activity by Bonnie Brae Rd. Apparently, he has family on Ferry Lane, which is just across 23…from Country Club Road.…

That text was a couple of hours ago. I had slept in for once.

Then I saw this:

Keep eyes 👀 peeled for a WHITE Ford Transit van. I read somewhere he stole it from Baily’s Dairy.

From the PA State Police:

UPDATE: Cavalcante is operating a white 2020 Ford Transit van bearing Pennsylvania registration ZST8818. The van has a refrigeration unit on the top.
Danelo Cavalcante Search Update: During the late evening and overnight hours, Cavalcante was reportedly seen in the northern Chester County area near Phoenixville. He changed his appearance. He is now clean shaven and was wearing a yellow or green hooded sweatshirt, black baseball style hat, green prison pants, and white shoes. If anyone has any information, please contact 911 or the Tip Line at 717-562-2987.

I have friends in East Pikeland who said cop cars zooming around Font Road 45 minutes ago.

Well on Day 11 this is some special kind of bullshit. Many thanks to law enforcement because they are trying their best. But thanks again Chester County Prison for the escaped murderer gift that keeps on giving.

God forgive me, but here’s hoping he goes off of a winding road in the rain into a tree.