day 10

Day 10.

Danelo Cavalcante is still on the loose. A friend of mine hypothesized last night that he hides/sleeps during big parts of the day and moves at night.

Our area is galvanized. Paralyzed. Terrified. Suck as F of an escaped animal on the loose. This is not some misunderstood human being. This is a full fledged killer holding our county hostage.

We have heard that they have held one guard accountable. They fired him. But where is the outrage and further accountability? How about some elected officials playing hide and seek? Where’s Marian Moscowitz? Where’s the Sheriff? Where is the guy Dykes who wants to be Sheriff? He was also once in DA’s office so you would think he’d be all over this?

People are talking about “Republican grandstanding” during this. Yeah, I have seen some of that like that tool of a politician from Berks County who is trying to tie immigration policy to Cavalcante but if we timeline him I wonder exactly during whose administration he crept into the US under? Because *somehow* I don’t think criminals pay attention to immigration policy and partisan politics and if they want to get here badly enough, then they do.

However, what I have seen is a clear example of is the Democrats who are in charge and who wish to run for office have been mostly invisible. The only ones we hear from are Josh Maxwell and Deb Ryan. I saw a chirpy message from Congresswoman Houlahan from Kennett Square on Facebook and she didn’t even mention the escaped murderer or what folks down there are experiencing or the rest of us. It’s hard as hell not to dwell on this because we are all living it, and depending on where you are in Chester County, the whole living it is extra and in technicolor and far too real.

In these moments I think of all the people with horses down there in the escaped murderer zone. The helicopters, noise, etc has to be even harder on the equine residents of Chester County.

And if I had a dollar for every time I hear a comment about they can’t believe that they have not caught him yet. Yes I get it, I have said it a bunch myself but then I go back to what I really want answers to: seriously, how did they allow things in that prison to deteriorate to such a point that a criminal like Danelo Cavalcante could escape in the first place?

No I can’t believe that he is still out there yet I can believe it given the terrain and well, he survived in jungles and mountains etc until he crept into this country. What did he actually do for work until he murdered his girlfriend? Who employed him? And his public defender? Everyone is entitled to a defense but has anyone spoken to him since this happened?

And now “vigilante justice” has arrived as per tabloid journalism. But are they vigilantes or just residents who want to help?

Here’s a YouTube currently streaming:

People are TikToking like mad. Some of it is hysterical.

So yeah Day 10.

Wahoo said no resident of Chester County ever about this.

4 thoughts on “day 10

  1. He kinda reminds me of a flea. Yeah, the flea. Just one little bugger can get in and out of your house easily. You can feel the itch almost immediately when the flea attacks your ankle. You look down and see nothing but the point of itch. Fleas don’t fly. Fleas, the size of a freckle on your arm, can jump about 13 inches and disappear into carpet, wood floor, meadows, heavily wooded forests, etc.
    Annoying, frustrating and really very disconcerting.

  2. Carla,
    Well done as always
    Good point on the horses
    While people can lock themselves in their houses those of us who take care of the horses need to be OUTSIDE. Horse farms are full of places to hide…. Haylofts, sheds, stalls etc
    I feel for everyone in the vicinity of this nightmare and those in law enforcement .

  3. “Yeah, I have seen some of that like that tool of a politician from Berks County who is trying to tie immigration policy to Cavalcante but if we timeline him I wonder exactly during whose administration he crept into the US under?”

    Cavalcante murdered a woman in PA in April 2021, so he clearly entered the US before April 2021 but after 2017 when he killed someone in Brazil.

    So, unless he entered the US between Jan 20 2021 and April 2021 , it is most likely that he entered the US during the TRUMP administration.

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