where’s marian?

Yo Marian Moscowiz we thought Josh Shapiro was your BFF? Have you reached out to him for more resources to catch Danelo Cavalcante?

This escaped murderer is actually running around now in your part of the county or close enough to it, right?

So where are you comforting your constituency the people of Chester County? We have heard barely a word from you since this began.

Lady, with all due respect, do you want us to vote for you in November? Earn it.

I have friends texting me conversations between themselves and neighbors in East Pikeland. You know people that were supposed to get a Reverse 911 only most or all of them didn’t?

This guy looks more rested than everyone else at this point. There should be reversed 911 calls going out all across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

People feel scared, powerless, helpless, angry, and you are hiding. Hiding is not supposed to be in your job description.


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