people are fed up with the cavalcante on the run of it all

To the people contacting me all I can say is spread the word around if see something say something. Just keep reporting sightings. Please don’t just report it to social media call the actual police.

I think law enforcement in Southeastern PA needs to get together and there needs to be reversed 911 to the entire southeastern PA area.

This guy could be headed into Norristown, or King of Prussia, etc.

My fear is he makes it to South Jersey and hides in the Pine Barrens for a good long time putting a lot of those people there at risk. Or he goes to Philadelphia, and just blends in with the rest of the criminals that are never caught in that jurisdiction.

And if Josh Shapiro can do things like giant press conferences on putting I-95 back together why can’t he put our mind at ease down here and get more resources as needed?

where’s marian?

Yo Marian Moscowiz we thought Josh Shapiro was your BFF? Have you reached out to him for more resources to catch Danelo Cavalcante?

This escaped murderer is actually running around now in your part of the county or close enough to it, right?

So where are you comforting your constituency the people of Chester County? We have heard barely a word from you since this began.

Lady, with all due respect, do you want us to vote for you in November? Earn it.

I have friends texting me conversations between themselves and neighbors in East Pikeland. You know people that were supposed to get a Reverse 911 only most or all of them didn’t?

This guy looks more rested than everyone else at this point. There should be reversed 911 calls going out all across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

People feel scared, powerless, helpless, angry, and you are hiding. Hiding is not supposed to be in your job description.


seeking commissioner clarity in chester county politics

Last evening there was the Zoom Pow Wow of Endorsement for the Chester County Democrats. To say I am confused by some of the outcome would be an understatement. I also heard it was a Zoom that needs a replay but that will never happen, right?

All sorts of things about people seemingly trying to get back what had been removed from and candidates who didn’t exactly shine as Republicans, trying to become candidates as Democrats and seeking endorsement no less? The Chesco Dems released a very distilled and watery press release much like their Republican counterparts, but suffice it to say I heard from both sides of the aisle nothing to write home about, right?

I am conflicted about Marian Moskowitz. She is self made, which I respect, but I question sometimes WHY she serves in public office? And a big part of WHY I am troubled is the whole Advaite of it all.. I wrote about Advaite (check out their press releases) again yesterday in conjunction with a new court case that is kind of adjacent related, right?

Advaite is a Chester County COVID thing. And it seems along the lines of bad like Philly Fighting COVID was, doesn’t it? And it cost Chester County a big black eye and lots of money which affects taxpayers, residents, etc., right?

The National Whistleblowers Center has an interesting piece on their website that made me think about this again this morning:

Philly Fighting COVID fiasco highlights how fraud arises in times of crisis
by Nick Younger, Communications Associate

A recent scandal in Philadelphia involving a local startup embroiled in a public health fiasco showcases how times of crisis can allow fraud to rear its ugly head. As financial and public pressures to succeed create more opportunities for fraud to be committed, similar cases of mismanagement and ineptitude may surface across the country.

Philly Fighting COVID began as startup using 3-D printing to create face-shields for students at Drexel University. It then became a non-profit aiding the city of Philadelphia with testing, working with partner organizations to provide community testing.

Upon news of vaccine approvals in the fall, Philly Fighting COVID’s CEO, 22-year-old graduate student Andrei Doroshin, began to impress himself upon city officials. With claims of vaccinating between 500,000 to 1.5 million people through five mass-vaccination sites, Doroshin and his startup seemingly appeared right when Philadelphia needed them.

The startup secured a deal with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health after pitching its services to the Philadelphia City Council in November 2020. While it did not sign an official contract, it received a portion of Philadelphia’s vaccine allotment. However, problems began to arise shortly thereafter.

An investigation by WHYY, a Philadelphia public media organization, revealed that in December, Philly Fighting COVID reorganized as a for-profit company, Vax Populi. According to WHYY, Philly Fighting COVID officials maintained that “a for-profit entity was needed to bill insurance companies for reimbursements from the vaccine, a plainly untrue claim in a city with numerous nonprofit health care providers.”

Following that, in January, Philly Fighting COVID closed down all testing events, leaving community members effectively in the dust as Doroshin told partnered groups that testing was no longer important….

Communities, strapped for resources made acute by the pandemic, can be targeted by those looking to profit off of rapid spurts of funds, “get-rich-quick” schemes and assorted administrative chaos that arises in crises. While it may not explicitly be fraud, it is clear that Philly Fighting COVID aimed to profit off of COVID-19 vaccine roll-out in Philadelphia.

Similar schemes may be happening across the country. With more cities desperate to vaccinate their citizens, misplaced trust in organizations like Philly Fighting COVID can lead to fraudulent activity, negligence, and delinquency of duties. With opportunities for fraud on the rise, those brave individuals who speak out like Lipinsky or Flamholtz could be critical in identifying fraudulent actors and rooting them out from high-profile positions.

So Advaite. Remember the glowing press release in 2020? Here:

Then came the black eye and many other articles like:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Chester County spent $13 million on coronavirus antibody tests. Then it quietly shelved the program. by Marie McCullough and William Bender
Updated Sep 17, 2020

There are more articles on the topic. Until recently, I only read a couple of them. But then I started to read more about Advaite. And I began to wonder. Then came the whys without answers.

Marian Moskowitz was newish to her commissionership when Advaite happened, right? But where I am troubled is, WHY did she push so hard for this? Personal relationships? Glory? Trying to do right by big campaign donors to many politicians from Chester County and others including former Gov. Tom Wolf?

There is obviously some sort of a relationship because it seems to show up in emails released in a Right to Know over Advaite. Here to follow are some and I quietly suggest if Marian Moskowitz in running again and has been endorsed by the Chester County Democrats which seem as problematic right now as their Montgomery County PA counterparts, she needs to talk about this and explain her exact role, right? Just like she needs to explain why she has seemingly turned a blind eye to her constituency affected by pipelines, right?

Maybe just maybe in the end Advaite will be chalked up to a “mistake”, except this is a “mistake” that cost Chester County millions, didn’t it? And continues to grow legs seemingly? A reader sent me a comment about the company recently:

Advaite really is a company.  Innovative, therapeutic and healthcare solutions.

BUT the word “advaita” is totally ..something else

This one is worth reading more of.

What is Advaita? – Definition from Yogapedia › definition › advaita

Advaita is a Sanskrit word that translates as “not two” or “no second.” This gives the idea that the inner Self, or Atman, is the same as the Absolute Reality, that is Brahman.

The meaning of ADVAITA is Vedanta nondualism that denies the separateness of any aspect of reality from the impersonal oneness of Brahman.

Marian, come on now, you got to office as a Wolf gal, correct? Well now it’s time to stand on your own and not be a wheeler dealer of connections. That all has it’s place in this world, but Chester County needs and deserves answers. It can’t just be a continual inter-political party swirling mess of Democrat in-fighting and it can’t be the Hatfields and McCoys of it all, Democrats vs. Republicans. If you wish to continue to lead, lead by example: transparency, full disclosure, etc. How you act can also affect Josh Maxwell, who really does his best literally every day. So if you don’t provide clarity for the sake of the residents of Chester County, do it for your running mate.

Thanks for stopping by today to my ponder fest.

bring the popcorn to chester county….

I do not even know where to go with this. So just throwing it all out there.

Does “Advaite” really mean “CRAZY”?

I will say this ALL ties to the Advaite kerfuffle. Don’t remember Advaite? The case of the missing COVID antibodies tests? The company based out of Malvern (East Whiteland Township)?

I am astounded at the layers upon layers to this whole thing around Advaite and the county, and many politicians as well?

Regular media, this ball is in your court. Don’t you think this needs a whopping dose of SUNSHINE?

Now there is the new layer of a former Chester county lawyer filing suit? And didn’t this all start with a Right to Know over Advaite?

JANUARY 20, 2021

Chester County sues East Whiteland company for $11 million over missing COVID-19 antibody tests
The lawsuit claims Advaite failed to deliver the 1 million tests it promised, the lawsuit states

PhillyVoice Staff

Philadelphia Inquirer: Chester County is suing for an $11 million refund from a company that sold it COVID-19 antibody tests
Chester County is seeking more than $11 million in refunds from a local company that it says failed to provide one million COVID-19 antibody tests last year.

by Laura McCrystal
Updated Jan 18, 2021

Chester County Sues Local Biotech Firm After Its COVID-19 Test Kits Failed to Live Up to Expectations

By Kimberly McGuane Vista Today
Published: 11:57 pm EST January 18, 2021
Updated: 10:19 am EST January 19, 2021

Inquirer: Chester County to overhaul purchasing after spending millions on faulty antibody testing program
In a public health emergency, governments can enter into no-bid contracts. Chester County did that too hastily.

by Marie McCullough
Updated Jan 21, 2021

Now this Advaite case is ongoing – just run the dockets. And also a couple of interesting emails out of the Right to Know makes you wonder about a county commissioner too?

So then the Daily Local had a gift on Valentine’s Day about a new court case:

Lawyer files suit against county, citing behavior by former solicitor

PUBLISHED: February 14, 2023 at 1:04 p.m. | UPDATED: February 14, 2023 at 1:54 p.m.

PHILEDELPHIA — A former “star” in the Chester County Solicitor’s Office claims that he was retaliated against by his immediate supervisor in the office — who is now a sitting Common Pleas Court judge — for complaining about being the target of racial bias by an private attorney he encountered while on county business.

Juan P. Sanchez, in a lawsuit charging violations of his federal civil rights and the state’s anti-discrimination law that was filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, said that Judge Nicole Forzato, who was county solicitor at the time he worked in that office in 2020 and 2021, illegally fired him after he said he wanted to take a stand regarding his interaction with the unnamed attorney, who he believed had treated him unprofessionally because of his race. Sanchez is Hispanic, of Puerto Rican descent.

But Forzato suggested that such an action would put the county “at risk,” the complaint alleges.

“Unfortunately for (Sanchez), Forzato … had no interest in addressing or understanding (his) concerns of racial bias and instead began retaliating against him,” the complaint, filed Jan. 17, states. “Forzato immediately unjustly criticized (his) performance, accused him of misconduct regarding months-old events, and issued him an unjustified written warning.

WC Daily local 2/14/23

Daily Local has a pay wall that totally blows, so:

But this all seems so curious, so here is the Federal docket and filings to date as follows:

beyond my ken: why is jackie’s house not jackie’s house?

Every day this week, I have wanted to wake up, have coffee, and then get into my day. EVERY day it has been something else. Blogging is not my actual job LOL, but you have to try to help when you can.

Recently this nice lady kept tagging me on Twitter. At first I was “yeah whatever” because it happens all of the time and I can’t be everywhere. But she was very nice and told me this crazy tale of someone else essentially taking the deed to HER house, as in stealing and who would think deed poaching happens in Chester County, right? You think of this in cities like Philadelphia. See next two NBC10 Philadelphia stories:

So I listened to this lady Jackie, and introduced her to Chester County Commissioner Josh Maxwell. He stepped in to help right away, because among other things this lady has a special needs son.

I will give you the tweets and here is a link to some screen shots she has also below:

This seems crazy, but the thing is this: stuff like this happens ALL of the time.

So I thought it was straightened out and this lady Jackie wasn’t losing her house, that they realized she didn’t sell her house to some real estate investment company out of…CHESTER, and more.

Then came this today:

So here are the blown up images from Tweet above:

Look I don’t know what is going on but County Row in Chester County, are your officials in the office? They sign off on things but are they in the various offices enough? I heard that you can do a Right to Know literally on the time records they keep. And Recorder of Deeds has just turned over at the top because Chris Pielli was elected State Rep for example. So Diane O’ Dwyer is Acting Recorder of Deeds, but she was apparently been there a while?

Oh and fun fact the address of this house in Penn Township/West Grove is 367 Woodcrest. So did you know there is also a 367 Woodcrest in Westtown, and a 367 Woodcrest in Tredyffrin?

And what is this Kevin Jackson Group out of Chester? Apparently they show up in Chester County property records also with a property in West Whiteland which they apparently sold?

Look this is so out of my realm of knowledge. But for the love of all that is holy, Chester County helped perpetuate this mess, now they should straighten it out. And how did this random Kevin Jackson Group get her deed in the first place??? Why aren’t they stepping up? What Realtors who do business in Chester County know about this group? Who can help? Who should help? Who needs to come forward?

And this Kevin Jackson Group also shows up in Montgomery County and Delaware County? Have fun, media. (OR YOU SHOULD.)



All I am doing is paying it forward. This quite literally could happen to anyone. And last word is yu can sign up for Fraud Guard in Chester County PA:

So now there is more. And this is a horror show and no one will listen, is how it seems?

Let’s start with the whole Kevin Jackson of it all:

So Jackie has been messaging me. She is very open. Her now ex has been removed from property she says since 11/08/19 and there is apparently a PFA….which I saw this evening.

This woman is a VICTIM. This tale is crazy like a made for Lifetime TV Movie crazy.

Now more things: