save the barn (easttown township)- important october 3rd meeting!

I have written about residents trying to save this historic Chester County barn before. Twice as a matter of fact.

Here is a flyer that was sent to me about an upcoming zoning meeting on October 3rd in Easttown Township.  Apparently the developer (Bentley Homes) is seeking a demolition permit now I presume.  Not shocking after that fabulous effort to market the barn to a new owner, right? And the thing is this: this barn has had restoration to modernize it and is in good shape.  So why wouldn’t it sell unless it wasn’t really ever marketed?  Why not make the barn into a house as part of this development? Oh never mind, why ask redundant questions.

A historic barn means nothing to Bentley Homes, does it? They are, after all the people who took a heck of a lot of forest off of Forest Lane (Willistown Township, Malvern), right? The people who have done the same de-treeing thing on County Line Road in Radnor Township, right?  This is a sin if this barn gets demolished.  If you can help or know someone who will buy it, please go that meeting.

You can always build another Tyvec wrapped box.  Structures like this barn? Not so much. We need to preserve history like this.  And this is perfectly adaptable to modern use.  This developer has more than enough jingle in his pocket that he could either sell or reuse this barn if he wanted to.

Once again I reiterate my plea to residents in Chester County to lobby any elected official they can to slow down development in the county.

Bentley Homes development County Line Road, Villanova, Radnor Twp

Bentley Homes development County Line Road, Villanova, Radnor Twp

4 thoughts on “save the barn (easttown township)- important october 3rd meeting!

  1. There were no trees on the lots where Bentley built on Forest Lane. Your hysteria is unwarranted.

    • “Hysteria”? Not hysterical in the least. Watched some of those homes go up.

      He took down enough trees back there and plopped houses one on top of the other. There was indeed more Forest on Forest before they were built

      Thanks for stopping by

      • I am actively seeking a buyer for this barn. I have an interesting solution Email me if you care to.

      • I don’t know who you are, and with all due respect if you have an interesting solution for this barn you can go ahead and post a comment here. If you are the realtor on the listing, I’m sure we would all be interested in knowing that. Thanks

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