nothing says christmas in east whiteland like more demolition for development 


Once there was a little stone house on Morstein Road in East Whiteland. Old timers would tell you it wasn’t a very happy house so no one was surprised the family wanted to sell it after a death in the family.

As local lore and legend had it a few neighbors approached the family about purchasing even small pieces of the land to protect the woods and natural surroundings as we all know developers will shoe horn in wherever they can…especially in municipalities like East Whiteland which are shall we say developer friendly?

Anyway, local and legend also  has it that the family didn’t respond well to neighbors interested in purchasing parts of the land and lo and behold they came forth to East Whiteland along with the developer for a two lot subdivision plan a while back.

It was astounding to hear these people tell the zoning board that no one wanted to buy the property which is why they were selling to a developer. It’s on the record somewhere I attended the meeting. But they wanted the most money out of the land which is their right, even if it sucks for the neighbors.

The house sat and rotted for a couple of years and the other day I thought I heard the sounds of demolition through the woods to the side. And when I drove by today  lo and behold, the house was no more. I couldn’t help but wonder if they moved the family items that you could see in the front windows out of the house every time you drove by before they demolished it, or if somebody’s probably holiday platter that sat in a picture window in the front just got bulldozed away along with the house.

So now neighbors in East Whiteland get to deal with the reality of yet more development.  

Yes, it’s just a two lot subdivision but you can see by what has been cleared away that whoever is building there isn’t very interested in the trees or natural surroundings. But then if they were interested in trees are natural surroundings they would’ve only got one house approved wouldn’t they?

Now neighbors got to babysit construction of a two  lot subdivision to make sure that stormwater runoff is treated properly and septic. Unless of course that is one of the sections over there that has public sewer access.

Merry Christmas in East Whiteland – nothing says happy holidays like  demolition.

Do I sound sarcastic? I was going more for ironic but I’ll take sarcastic. Chester County is going to be as messed up as the Main Line  if it doesn’t start to pay attention to every development project.

Yes it’s a two lot subdivision, it could be a heck of a lot worse it could be some of those lovely “carriage home” or “townhouse” developments. But for those who live nearby there is always the same things to worry about —issues with construction stormwater management , septic problems, drinking water wells.

I hope this project goes smoothly and I know it was coming but right or wrong, the fact that they tore down a house at Christmas just bothers me.

The other day when I was visiting Duffy’s Cut I was struck by the juxtaposition of development quite literally a stone’s throw from the Duffy’s Cut  site. It made me realize how quickly Chester County’s geography is changing.

We can’t save every old barn, every house, and so on. I know that. But what frightens me is the density that is replacing all of these things. 

It’s like we all moved out here for the open space and the land and the farms and the feeling that you could just breathe…. And slowly but surely one development project at a time it’s all being erased.

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2 thoughts on “nothing says christmas in east whiteland like more demolition for development 

  1. I went to elementary school with 2 girls who lived there. This was back in the 60″s. I used to go there to play with one of the girls after school. It wasn’t a mansion, but it was a nice home. Hate to see things like this happen.

    • It was a nice house! it could have been added on to or restored properly. But now it’s gone. It was a solid little house

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