when is whole foods opening in exton?

So….Whole Foods? Exton? When?

(Note a friend drove by this morning at around 11:00 a.m. and there weren’t any cars…or trucks…or anyone..or anything.)

Local speculation is this project is in trouble? So if no Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Mom’s Organic Market anyone???

Anyone have updates? It seems kind of deserted…beautiful new building and….no signs of life.


18 thoughts on “when is whole foods opening in exton?

  1. I had heard a rumor that the supplier for their shelving was massively delayed. We live by the Newtown Square location that has been sitting empty for longer than the Exton location.

  2. heard Whole Foods is in trouble financially so who knows what will happen to these stores
    they are doin massive restructuring with the higher ups

  3. I heard they only open one store per area per quarter and there’s already one opening around Philly in later summer so Exton was pushed back.

    • I recall hearing a similar comment reported through the Daily Local News about 2 months back. I believe the comment either came from a township official or a Whole Foods Spokesperson. No real reason was provided for the delay, nor was it stated that it was a “hard” date.

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