simple summer salad

Simple summer salads are the best thing in the world. Produce is at it’s peak, herbs are fresh, and it doesn’t get better than that.

One of my favorite summer salads are fresh tomatoes, a cucumber, red onion, and a combination of Italian flat leaf parsley, fresh dill, Italian basil and a simple vinaigrette. If I have a sweet red bell pepper I will often add that as well.

To make the vinaigrette it is equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a small canning jar. Add salt and pepper to taste, garlic powder, and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

When I make vinaigrette for a mixed greens salad, I will add Dijon mustard to the above mix.

You can see the size I mean in the photo above. You will only use maybe 3 tablespoons of dressing on the salad, but save the rest for regular lettuce salads and just refrigerate.

Peel and cut your cucumber in half lengthwise. If it is not the English hot house burpless variety, remove the seeds.

Toss cucumber into the bowl.

Slice and rough chop fairly thin about half of a large red onion.

Add onion to the bowl.

Take your tomatoes, cut the core out, and slice into large bite-size pieces. Sort of small wedges. Small enough you don’t need to use a knife to cut your salad, but large enough that the tomato doesn’t disintegrate.

Chiffonade the basil leaves. In layman’s terms, that means gently roll up your basil leaves and create thin ribbons by cutting off “slices” of the rolled basil.

Rough chop the Italian flat leaf parsley, and do the same gently with the fresh dill.

Put all the herbs on top of the salad and give one light toss and then add literally 2 to 3 tablespoons of the salad dressing and mix gently and either serve or cover and refrigerate until serving.

And I almost forgot — fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste!

Leftovers are good for a day afterwards, provided you refrigerate.

This is a totally simple, easy to make salad, and it’s delicious! Thank you to my friend Sara for giving me vegetables from her garden. The herbs in the salad came out of my garden!

Bon appétit!

9 thoughts on “simple summer salad

  1. thanks for the wonderful easy dressing recipe. And I hope you can
    newer my question on a different subject.
    I have my mother’s dansk kobenstyle
    casserole/dutch oven in turquoise. Must be 55 to 60 years old.
    I’ve been told I can only use it on top of the stove, not in the oven.
    (I think I saw something you wrote about dansk cookware )…Can you answer
    my question? I do hope so. Just discovered your blog…looks very interesting.
    Thanks for your time. Catherine

    • Catherine I use mine in the oven as well- not all the time but I do on occasion because the large size one is great for roasting a chicken

      • Thanks so much. I remember my mother using it in the oven, not
        on the stove. So I wrote Lenox (They have dansk now) and they
        told me not to put it in the oven. …… i just couldn’t imagine….so I
        am glad I found your blog, by mistake, and then could write to you
        to ask. It seemed to me you had lots of knowledge due to your collecting.

        Best wishes,

      • Carla, I’ve been looking to buy a dutch oven, and only after googling
        a lot, did I discover that my dansk is a dutch oven!!

        do you use yours alot on the stove top? I have a glass top…I believe that is ok to use it on?
        Using google is wonderful for many things, but not too swift when someone is given the wrong information. Of everything I read, the modern didn’t get
        many accolades.


      • I think so- but I have never cooked on a glass top – periodically I replace my Dansk with new old Dansk I find on eBay – I would say google for any groups that are for Dansk vintage and ask if anyone cooks on glass top stoves

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