american on american terrorism is NOT o.k.!

Today the news broke that someone in this country that someone is mailing pipe bombs to people like the Clintons, Obama, George Soros, and others.

That is truly a WTF moment.

These actions are not what the USA is about. These are not the actions of loyal Americans, but acts of domestic terrorism.

These actions are horrible. I don’t care what your politics are or what political party you belong to, no one should be mailing anyone pipe bombs.

I posted the New York Times article they published a couple of hours ago on my blog’s Facebook page with the sole comment of WTF. Sorry not sorry, it’s how I felt.

After I posted the article, the comments started. The one person who liked the article as in liked it because it was a good thing someone was mailing pipe bomb things to high ranking Democrats, took me to task because apparently I hadn’t posted articles when some Republicans were mailed envelopes with suspicious content.

Excuse the hell out of me, I didn’t know it was a domestic terrorism contest between political parties. I also had been blissfully unaware of that news report.

I used to be a total news junkie. I don’t watch the news very much anymore. Ever since this administration came to Washington our country has devolved into an angry hateful nation.

That is not my America. To me that is not being an American.

Truthfully, I am kind of sick of both political parties at this point.

The Democrats in Chester County evicted two teenage girls from the “Sunrise Movement” an event recently because they didn’t want them asking Governor Wolf environmental or pipeline questions at an event. They bought event tickets fair and square. So wrong. Of course one of the young ladies was already essentially ridiculed this summer by Wolf’s golf spike shoe wearing opponent Scott Wagner.

The younger voters might not have all the life experience of an older person, but they are the ones who will be inheriting the hot mess this country is becoming. Don’t discourage involvement. People are growing apathetic enough, myself included if I am honest.

The anger and rage coursing through this great nation is utterly terrifying. It has to stop.

We need to get back to civility within our political system.

In my humble opinion that also means we need to start systematically electing different kinds of politicians. We need to have representatives in elected office who actually represent us, not special interest groups, big donors, political party bigwigs.

Since the founding of this great nation people have fought and died for our freedoms. People need to remember what it is to be an American, and part of that is the ability to embrace differences in others. We are all not supposed to be identical. We are a nation founded by immigrants, and those people risked their lives to come here to escape political persecution, religious persecution, etc.

We need to stop the anger.

We need to stop the violence.

We need to just hit the pause button even in our own individual lives to be appreciative for the gifts we have been given by God.

Do something nice for a change. Turn off the political vitriol.

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  1. I agree. I’m sick about our leadership. I can only hope things change shortly. Warm regards…Maureen Fendrick

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  2. Actually it is not as bad as it has been in the past if you read the history of Congress. That being said, there is always room for improvement.

  3. Who knows what will be proven re these latest incidents, but I do think that an enemy of the US–and sadly, we have always had too many–could damage us most profoundly by stirring up the division that now exists. Even Lincoln recognized that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”. So, I think it’s high time to start focusing on the many, many things that unite us and turn down the rhetoric–we should ALL, Republicans and Democrats, be able to discuss our differences with civility, behave with kindness and humanity, and not buy into whatever the cause is that’s behind this. Until the evidence is clear, I’m not sure that this is an “American on American” threat, but how we react IS our responsibility.

    • I don’t think people realize the extent to which Russia has gone to in order to sow discord and dissent in the West, nor how extremely effective it’s been. Their social media content alone is responsible for the majority of our perceived divide. The likes of trump and his sycophants parroting same is achieving exactly what the Tea Party, his base and the likes of Steve Bannon dreamed about… the destruction of the administrative state no matter what the ramifications.

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