BREAKING: another eminent domain threat in chester county?

I’m gonna leave this right here.

This is yet another potential example of the devastating cost of over development in Chester County. School districts in particular piss me off with this crap because they always act like they know nothing about what’s going on around them.

These people should not be forced to lose their properties, the developer should give up part of their land to build the school there.

People need to go after the school district now please contact all your elected officials local, county, state, federal.

Contact the media. Attend this upcoming meeting and raise hell.

This is another piece of the cost of development at the expense of where we call home.

It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s not just, it must be protested.

I know nothing more than what I am showing you right here right now.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: another eminent domain threat in chester county?

  1. OK, so now we have two new Chester County Commissioners….I suspect many, like me, voted in new folks in order to stop this “business as usual” that seems to empower the few at the expense of the many and is a DANGER to the individual rights specified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So, Josh and Marian, what’s your response? And all of us, are you checking your calendars?

  2. I hope people come out to support this! My family just fought eminent domain in Omaha, Nebraska. And thanks to all the public and taxpayer support, after nine long months, we won! The county plans – which were really hidden interests of private investors – were foiled and they were forced to back out. Fight it!! We’ll never get that history back if they destroy it. ❤️

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  3. Has anyone given a thought to our water and sewage facilities? Are they able to handle the quantity of “….” that will be dispensed from all sides of the developing areas? Will there be enough of good clean drinkable water or will be buying more in plastic bottles to compensate for any shortages?

  4. holy crap this is insane. where are these new democrats? they selling out to corporation interests as usual?

  5. Easily remedied. Get together with your neighbors place Commercial Liens on each others property at a sum certain $100 million utilize UCC 1 and UCC 3 Financing Statements. Therefore should Government or a private Corporation attempt to take the property they must satisfy the lien amounts. Plus under the law property can only be taken for public use and not for private gain and fair market price given. That is only after any lien is satisfied. For any questions regarding the ability to utilize the above mentioned UCC 1 and UCC 3 read the revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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