let’s get covid19 real, shall we?

Altered photo so people are not identifiable

Saw this posted elsewhere with the following comment:

📌”These kids went around the barricades and posted signs. I recognize some of them. Parks are closed! I want to go back to work and this is not helping!!!”📌

Malvern Borough someplace, and these kids and their parents need some 411 spread their way. Keep your kids at home. They say they might die of terminal boredom, but they won’t. And neither will all of you.

We need to get real.

Three in Pennsylvania have died from Coronavirus . This is very sobering news. And we need to take this more seriously. People that are letting their kids go play contact sports even like pick up games of basketball need to think twice.

We’re either all in this together and we try and we’re inconvenienced for a short amount of time or this virus isn’t going to go away.

It occurred to me that a lot of the reasons some kids are having a hard time with this isn’t because they are super social or even anything other than they are normally so scheduled that they don’t know what to do with downtime. Same with the parents as someone else pointed out. And I’m not saying that to be insulting it’s reality.

I have friends with small businesses who are going to be hard-pressed to get through this because they are nonessential and have had to close. That is a perspective we need to keep in mind as well. There are literally so many worse off than each of us who might take the time to read this post we need to put it into perspective.

I have seen several conversations on the various social media platforms deteriorate into borderline nastiness and I think we all need to get it into perspective and check ourselves. Everyone is going to have a different opinion of this, these times, and this is hard on everyone. But we all have to be in this together to get through it.

From posts about people leaving nasty comments on people’s business pages on social media platforms, to some thread of comments about not letting outsiders into certain communities, we need to just pause.

I live an immunocompromised existence every day as a breast cancer survivor and patient still on cancer meds. Do you want to put it all into perspective people? I was at an event where the second victim in Chester County also was so I’m in self quarantine until the end of the week. I’m completely healthy thank the good Lord and so is everyone in my family. But I’m staying home because it’s what I’m supposed to do. That is what I can control. So I’m doing my part.

And after we’re off of self quarantine where are we all going to go? Probably nowhere unless we need gas in the car or food on the table. And why is that? Because the way to kick this thing is social distancing and self quarantine.

When we hear reports of police having to use their valuable time to chase kids (and parents) off of playgrounds that are supposed to be closed, and people driving by and seeing teenagers congregated in clumps on basketball courts or just out, to the moronic college students we have all seen on TV who insist they are immortal and are going to stay on spring break anyway I’m so over it.

Everyone out there just needs to do their part. And use common sense. Check on elderly neighbors check on neighbors in general.

Be the community I know we are at heart. And let the crap go. Politics and vitriol will still be here when we’re through this but right now we don’t have the luxury of that. We all need to grow up. It’s kind of that “Dorothy we’re not in Kansas anymore” moment.

Sorry, but something needed to be said. And if you don’t like what I’ve just had to say, just move by this post resist the urge to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by virtually. Be safe and healthy.