the simple things we take for granted

Life is so quiet. It’s like snowstorm quiet without the snow. We naturally miss the little things, the simple things that we take for granted except now. It’s the freedom to move about and do what we want, when we want. But just like when there is a big snowstorm, we can’t. We have to think, we have to pause. And some people just can’t pause. They simply don’t know how.

There is also that underlying current of what is next? But not all the time. Only when I turn on the news. The media is so on overdrive I wonder when people will stop listening? It’s a balancing act for all of us and them and it can be information overload can’t it?

An amusing thing is apparently Facebook software wants people to stop listening. Yesterday they kept removing people’s posts saying they went against “community standards”. They did it with one of mine. I had shared an article from The Morning Call about a news conference Governor Tom Wolf had held. A friend of mine had a post removed she posted that was an obituary!

Reuters: Social media giants warn of AI moderation errors as coronavirus empties offices

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s YouTube, Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) warned on Monday that more videos and other content could be erroneously removed for policy violations, as the companies empty offices and rely on automated takedown software during the coronavirus pandemic.

I think what bothers me the most about what’s going on with COVID19 or coronavirus are the people not taking it seriously. I have seen so many “group selfies” that makes me wonder what it is they don’t get about social distancing? And these people have been both young and those who could be categorized as senior citizens who should know better or people who just don’t think this will touch them for whatever reason.

And I know some people are having a hard time being home with their kids. It occurred to me the other day why it is so hard. It’s because a lot of these people have their kids so scheduled every day of the week, they (and the kids) don’t actually know what to do when they’re not scheduled.

Now more than ever it has true meaning to say you are blessed to have your family, friends, and your health is totally true.

And sorry not sorry, I don’t view it as a world crisis that the liquor stores are closed. People, your liver will thank you for the break.

Someone asked me today what I’m doing. It’s pretty much my normal life. I am cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, working from home, sewing, and gardening. All the things I do normally as a not so closeted nester, things I like to do. I am by nature a homebody. I like being home.

I do miss seeing my friends and doing things with them but like the rest of my family they’re all still out there just everyone’s in their own space right now.

One thing I miss is my friend Amy and I were due for a “Fran day”. Those are little outings we do named after her mother. We have lunch and we poke our heads in a couple of antique stores like Frazer Antiques and Brandywine View Antiques, or visit the Surrey Services for Seniors Thrift Shop in Berwyn. Sometimes depending on the season , we go to a thing at Life’s Patina. Her mother loved days like that. So it’s like keeping a piece of her with us.

We both used to be on the corporate hamster wheel and it’s something that we also both decided we wanted to do for ourselves now that we can sometimes.

That’s another thing I’ve been thinking about. In this country, we often don’t take time for ourselves and our families. It’s a cycle of work home sleep eat repeat. Busy busy busy. So now we have the time. Should we just try to see the positives in that? 

This virus is kind of beyond our control except for the things we can do with washing our hands, social distancing and just staying the hell home. (See )

Someone has this website up NCOV19live it has a worldwide map.

So for the time being why NOT garden more? Or do something creative at home. Seriously. You’ll feel better. Especially gardening.

Me? I am going to finish a pillow.

Happy hump day #COVID19 style.

We can do this.

2 thoughts on “the simple things we take for granted

  1. Carla, I agree with all that you say. This is all common sense. Follow the protocol for health safety and do stay home.
    I am loving my empty Edges Mill Rd. And my property back woods is right at the 30 bypass. We hear very little traffic. Love it!!!!! There are no sirens going off for the daily accident on the bypass. What’s not to like about our present situation?
    Guess we have to thank God for small favors and enjoy what we already have at home…gardening, dog walks, indoor chores and painting, crafts, reading, dog training, baking, and the list goes on.
    Wishing you, and anyone who reads this , good health.

  2. Some of us remember World War 11 and what it was like …particularly in a community where the fathers and brothers were away. We washed on Monday, ironed on Tuesday; I had sewing lessons on Wednesday; Thursday we shopped and Friday we cleaned. Saturday was for an outing or reading in a hammock, going to the library to find a good book. Come Sunday, yes we had 1 egg for breakfast, killed a chicken and cleaned it before putting it in the oven to cook while we went to church. Sometimes gardening or canning came into seasonal chores that needed to be done. We were rationed…but no tokens for toilet paper! No parties, no trips or vacations.Gas restrictions kept you home. Restaurants were few as supplies were short and everyone did their own cooking. It was a good time to follow the rules and feel you were doing something good for the all. Radio time was only in the evening or on Sunday afternoons to save on the electric bill.
    Even though the war was long and sad, looking back on a time, we were a part of a world crisis and we got through it. It was not a fast pace society or a selfish one that we seem to be facing today with a younger generation that has never been told “no”. Did Dr. Spock start it all? How did most of the millenniums get so spoiled? Perhaps in the end, good things will come about after the virus crisis is over. World population will have gone down and science will make new discoveries until the next pandemic. I for one will be grateful for each day, try to fill it with memories and look forward to many more.

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