#covid-idiots in chester county

Reader submitted photo dated today 5/14/2020

I will preface what I am about to say with I do NOT disagree with the fact that we need to take steps to get things open again. Only I don’t really know what that looks like because there are some businesses that are going to be harder than others to re-open because of the proximity employees have to customers like with restaurants, bars, hair salons and barbershops.

But the photo you see above taken today in West Chester downtown at the old courthouse is not how to do it.

I think these people are freaking idiots, truthfully.

They aren’t wearing masks they aren’t even social distancing. They are just waving “open” flags. These are the kind of people who are going to keep us closed longer because these are the kind of people who are going to catch COVID-19 or coronavirus by their behavior and spread it.

Do these people think they are actually going to sway elected officials with this protest today? They aren’t. But if any of them pop up with the virus we’re going to be closed longer.

It’s an actual global pandemic. It’s not some political tool to control us. I think this is ridiculous.

Sign me irritated by stupidity.

3 thoughts on “#covid-idiots in chester county

  1. You know what will influence officials all the surrounding states are now opening VA just announced it is opening health clubs etc that is where the pressure will come from in Chester County of the 197 deaths 172 were nursing home residents

  2. I’ll be sending my thoughts and prayers when they get sick. Yes there actions will keep us closed and home longer, but they will also be putting first responders at risk to care for them when they get sick. Very selfish behavior.

  3. Carla: You are sooo correct in your comments.Unfortunately , these demonstrators do not comprehend that we are dealing with death here

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